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How to make your kid’s birthday party more fun & engaging?

Planning a kid’s birthday party is not usually as simple as it sounds. Even if your small one is knowledgeable enough to convey the kind of celebration he dreams of, his curiosity may vary from week to week or from day to day.

The outcome of fleeting interests may indicate that you’ll plan a themed birthday party based on an interest that turns out to be the coequal of yesterday’s newspaper before the date of the celebration rolls around.

The adventurous ideas that made it to this list provide some ingenious ideas that are certain to carry the event moving and provide tons of interacting fun for the guests!

Go on a birthday scavenger hunt!

A diversified variety of birthday party packages in Dubai are widely available for kids of all ages. If you are looking forward to your child’s birthday being an adventure that’s unlike any other, you can plan and organize a birthday party scavenger hunt for all of your kid’s friends as well as family members.

A birthday party scavenger hunt is a perfect choice for mid-size, small and large groups. Some of the great birthday party planners of Dubai have creatively produced hundreds of highly-rated scavenger hunts in more than 400 cities around the globe. For an incredible destination party, you can look forward to an app-led hunt in a city your child finds fascinating, but if you’d inclined toward something more customized, we can personalise an available city tour or layout one just for your visitors!

Kids’ Painting Party

Painting is a perfect stress reliever for caretakers and parents too. If your child likes to get creative, a paint party could be just great. Beyond being fun, painting is ideal for kids, creating their self-confidence and endorsing their emotional well-being. Some supplies you’ll require for a kids’ painting party involve a canvas, acrylic paints, an easel, aprons, brushes, and painting instructions.

We offer all the stuff you require: nontoxic art, safe supplies offered to your doorstep, as well as an easy-to-follow video tutorial to keep your partygoers on track and inspired.  Of course, you can set the kids up with their mini workstations and let them do their thing. Or you can paint with them!

Go camping

Camping puts all that Mother Nature has to offer at your group’s fingertips. Hiking, exploring, swimming, canoeing, stargazing, kayaking, cooking over an open fire, and narrating spooky ghost stories sitting while encircling fire are all stuff you can make part of your kid’s birthday festival.

You are not required to travel far and wide to go camping for your child’s birthday. Camping can be as simple as getting some indoor teepees you can set up in the living room for your friends as well as their children. If you’re worried about the clean-up inside, you can transfer the camping party into your backyard.

Music and Listening Birthday Games (Freeze Dance, Simon Says, and Musical Chairs)

Music and listening games are very easy to execute, are known to most kids, and let everyone take part at once. They can also be transformed for a mixed-age group or various skill levels.

Simon Says: A game of Simon Says can be excellent for any age group. If the kids are mature enough, motivate them to take turns playing the part of Simon.

Freeze dance: Ask the kids to dance around while playing the music. When the music comes to an end, they have to freeze in place. Whoever moves is out, and the last individual standing after a couple of rounds stands as the winner.

Musical chairs: you can even choose to play with a classic game of musical chairs. This is a great way to incorporate music that the birthday boy or birthday girl likes to be played.

Book A Zipline Birthday Party

Let us amuse the kids at the best birthday party ever at a zipline adventures park. The children will like this. Your group will have a fun-filled afternoon or morning of high-flying laughter. The day starts with gearing up and your safety introduction to zip lining. Next, move on to the practice line before you get ready to do the real deal.  You can also embark on this mountain activity that is certain the make the whole crowd happy.

Looking for a FUN ADVENTURE-filled party for your next birthday? Check out our party packages! We offer an awesome, fun-filled, personalized birthday party for ANY age! No mess. No fuss. Just fun! Whether you want an outside adventure-packed party, an inside arcade party, or something in between, we offer it!