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The Tech What

International Scholarship Exam (ISE)


“I visualize a time when we will be to robots, what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.”

Claude Shannon

Does that scare you in any way? Either way, Artificial Intelligence is the future that we are living in today. Experiencing the future passes us by so smoothly, that it takes marked attention to be devoted to technology. Not forced but becoming the need of the generation, technology has surpassed many processes in daily living and the way corporate giants envision business worldwide.

Have you ever thought of a fully paid scholarship that leads you to the world’s most popular AI certification? If the answer is a NO then this is your opportunity to earn heavy discounts for AI courses from the best AI credentials provider USAII™. Fulfilling every AI aspirant’s dream of building it big in the world AI market, USAII™ brings to you an aggressively driven opportunity that offers a half-a-million USD scholarship for FREE.

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The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute is all set to arm you with future-proof AI engineer skills that are aligned with the industry’s demands globally. Not just that, they have been in the industry for decades and have earned a name of repute from the eminent seasoned corporate players, vouching for their quality AI credentials.

The latest on the scene- the International Scholarship Exam (ISE) is designed to help you reach closer to your dream AI career with an elevated portfolio of all time. Get a 100% scholarship on world-renowned certifications from USAII™. ISE 2023 allows you to enroll in the most coveted AI engineer courseware- Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™) that equips you with the raging AI skills on the block.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Looking at the above mind map, it clearly reflects your inhibitions when approaching a scholarship deal. Isn’t it? With USAII™ by your side, you got it all covered as they understand the pulse of the world AI market and offers easy access to every passionate AI dreamer to put the requisite skills in the right place at the right time. So, without wasting any time further, let us understand what it takes to be a seasoned AI professional with CAIE certification.

Big shout out to university and college students, also institutions who wish to assist their pupil base to level up with ISE scholarships!

It’s showtime with ISE 2023 rolling in! Grab your share at a fully paid whopping Intelligence scholarship today. Let’s make it easier for you:

ISE 2023


  • Register for ISE conducted by USAII worldwide
  • Pay a nominal fee as per your geographical location
  • Score over 95 percentiles
  • Win a FREE AI scholarship (no hidden costs)
  • Enroll for the most prestigious AI engineer certification that offers industry relevance, is career focused, delivers high impact, and allows massive ROI
  • Become a seasoned AI professional with a 10x knowledge boost in AI
  • Pivot your career to AI with ground-breaking AI skills
  • Earn the benefit of Mentorship and Industry experts training you via interactive self-paced learning sessions
  • FREE study books, eLearning materials, real-world use cases, and workshops
  • Disrupt the market with insane AI talent that you’ll gain on the course
  • Shareable Digital Badge on completion of the program

Make yourself indispensable with the most sought-after certifications for AI engineer credentials. If you are a graduate or pursuing graduation in STEM subjects, or an institution leveraging AI delivery benefits to your pupils, it is the best decision you can opt for right now!

As per Tractica, the revenues generated from software utilizing AI are going to soar to reach the 118.6 billion USD mark by 2025. so, hit the Register Now button and stand a bright chance of becoming one among many benefiting from an ALL-PAID SCHOLARSHIP from USAII™. Boost your AI game right with the industry pivots today!