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How to increase sales for your Etsy shop

How to increase sales for your Etsy shop

Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, is a great place for you to sell your handcrafted items. We will learn about How to increase sales for your Etsy shop. 

But it can be difficult to get people to notice your store and buy what you’ve created, especially when there are over 75 million items on the site.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to boost your Etsy sales by getting more exposure and making it easier for buyers to find what they want in your shop.

Find the right products to sell.

Finding the right products to sell is one of the most important things you can do. A good way to start How to increase sales for your Etsy shop.

You want to be sure that you are passionate about what you’re selling and that there’s a demand for it.

If possible, find a niche within your niche with which you have experience or expertise.

For example, if you love knitting but hate sewing, look for patterns (or even materials) that require only knitting skills instead of both knitting and sewing skills.

This will help ensure success at selling these types of items because there will be fewer competitors in this field.

Who can offer similar products at lower prices than yours; thus making them more appealing to potential customers on Etsy!

When choosing products remember:

  • Make sure there aren’t too many similar products already on Etsy before deciding. Which ones would work best for your shop based upon quality vs price point ratio (i’m using this term bc I think it makes sense). The idea here is not just how much money could I possibly make. By selling something like this but also how much time does it take me personally versus. What kind of profit margin am i willing/able able see myself making off each sale? If someone else already has something similar. Then maybe try coming up with an innovative twist before launching into full production mode.”

Create an awesome listing.

It’s important to create an awesome listing for your product. Your listing will be the first thing that potential customers see, so you want it to be clear, concise and accurate.

Make sure you include all relevant information about the product (like materials used) as well as any policies that apply (such as shipping costs).

You should also make sure that your photos are high quality so they don’t deter people from buying!

Use keywords and tags correctly.

Keywords and tags are the most important tools for increasing your Etsy shop’s visibility. You can’t just throw them around willy-nilly.

However, you need to use keywords that are relevant to your products and make sense in context. Another good way How to increase sales for your Etsy shop. 

If you’re not sure what keywords would be best, try using a keyword tool like Keyword Inspector or Google AdWords Keyword Planner (which uses Google’s database).

These tools help identify potential search terms by analyzing how many people are searching for them on Google.

Which words they use most often in their searches, how much competition there is in those niches and more!

Optimize your shop’s SEO and URL structure.

  • Optimize your shop’s SEO and URL structure

Optimizing your shop’s SEO can increase traffic to your listings by making them more visible in search results.

Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Use keywords in the title, tags and description of each listing. Focus on keyword phrases. That buyers will use when searching for products like yours (for example, “silver earrings” instead of just “earrings”). Try to include two or three keywords per listing, and make sure they’re relevant!
  • Be sure to use the correct category structure when creating new product listings or editing existing ones. Because this helps Etsy show those items in relevant searches on its marketplace pages (and not just when someone visits their own shop). Also keep an eye out for any typos that might have slipped past during this process. We’ve all been there! If you find any errors with existing categories after checking over everything thoroughly once again (because sometimes they slip through even though they shouldn’t have). Consider removing them altogether until such time as they can be updated correctly without causing. Any confusion among buyers who may otherwise think that those categories still exist despite. Having been deleted months ago due out-dated information being displayed within them which could lead people astray if left unchecked over time.

Optimize your photos with Pinterest DIY software.

When it comes to optimizing your photos, one of the best tools is Pinterest’s DIY software.

It allows you to properly tag and keyword your images so that they can be found by shoppers who are searching for similar products.

The first step in using this software is making sure your photos are high quality. Make sure to do this How to increase sales for your Etsy shop. 

They should be taken on a DSLR camera or at least an iPhone 7+. If someone spends time looking at an image only to find out it’s grainy or pixelated, they will most likely move on without purchasing anything from you.

Next, use Pinterest’s DIY tool so that every image has relevant tags and keywords associated with it (like “blueberry jam,” “jam making supplies,” etc.).

This helps ensure that other Etsy sellers have access to see what types of products are selling well within their niche marketplaces!

Make sure you’re local-friendly and mobile-friendly on Etsy.

You can use the Etsy app to manage your shop, find new products to sell on Etsy and find new customers.

The app is available in the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. It’s also a great way to check if your shop is mobile-friendly or local-friendly before you list it on our site!

Scale your business with Etsy advertising options.

Etsy ads are a great way to promote your shop. They can be used in a variety of ways.

From driving traffic and increasing sales to boosting engagement and building awareness.

Etsy advertising options are easy to set up, affordable and scalable. You can start with as little as $10 per month!

Increase your sales by making sure you are doing all the right things to get discovered and making it easy for people to buy what you sell!

  • You need to make sure your shop is optimized for SEO.
  • Try to make sure your shop is mobile friendly.
  • Another one to make sure your listings are optimized for SEO.
  • Make sure that the photos in your listings are high quality and appealing. But also optimized for Google search results (i.e., use keywords in titles, descriptions and tags).
  • If possible, make sure you’re local-friendly as well! This means having a street address on each item description page. Instead of just an apartment number or PO box number. It also means having reviews from people who live near where the item was shipped from (this helps improve conversion rates). Lastly, try to include information about whether or not an item ships internationally if applicable so international customers. Can still buy from you even though they may not be able to meet up locally. Like some US-based businesses might be able to do with their neighbors or friends/family members!

If all else fails then consider buying advertising through Etsy’s platform – we’ve seen great results when doing this ourselves.

So I highly recommend giving it a shot if nothing else seems like it would help increase sales at this point!


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful as you grow your Etsy business. If you want to learn more about how we can help with that, check out our website or give us a call!

We have tons of experience helping sellers like yourself get discovered on Etsy and increase their sales by making sure they’re doing all the right things to get discovered.