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Valentine Is Synonymous With Chocolate

This Is The Reason Why Valentine Is Synonymous With Chocolate

Valentine Is Synonymous With Chocolate – Valentine’s Day is approaching, there are already many shops selling various kinds of gifts for valentines, as for flowers, a complete package with jewelry. Including chocolate which is the hallmark of gifts used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends and lovers.

Chocolate in general has a characteristic taste that is sweet and bitter at the same time. So, don’t be surprised if chocolate is still enjoyed by many ages at a certain moment, from children to adults and even the old ones.

So, even before Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14, many people have started preparing gifts. In fact, it’s not uncommon to choose chocolate as a Valentine’s gift for a partner.

As you already know, Valentine is a day of love and to celebrate it, many couples give each other gifts on that day. In addition, chocolate is also much-loved by various ages and circles. But why is valentine synonymous with chocolate, even though there are so many other types of gifts.

History of Valentine’s Day

If you look at its history, that in the 1840s Valentine’s Day was indeed a holiday which at that time was a day of celebration of affection in Europe. One of them is the celebration carried out by the pagan Romans who even existed in the 17th century.

In the pagan religion itself, Valentine is an expression of the love that is dedicated to them. The story has also been passed down from generation to generation to each heir.

In fact, in Spain itself, chocolate is made as a drink to be mixed with water. The goal is to be able to increase stamina in the body and also the desire to increase.

In addition, in the 1600s alone, chocolate began to spread throughout Europe and became increasingly popular. Chocolate is a luxury item that is becoming more popular and more valuable. Because of this, many people sell it to people who are wealthy and in the upper class.

People have said that chocolate is a luxury and high-value item, so it makes a good Valentine’s Day gift. Because, at that time many had the notion that they could represent feelings for those who give to those who are given so that they really love and respect the partner or who receives the gift.

In addition to being delicious, chocolate on Valentine’s Day provides men with an excellent opportunity to seduce women. In the past, especially in Victorian England, chocolate was thought to have special powers of love and seduction.

Therefore, on Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day itself. Many people use Valentine’s Day as a chance to woo their partner by giving them gifts like flowers and chocolates. So, don’t be surprised if chocolate is a gift that is synonymous with Valentine’s Day which is celebrated for couples.


In fact, this tradition has stuck around, and couples who are celebrating Valentine’s Day must give each other chocolate. In addition to giving flowers, also giving chocolate into a package and a very romantic arrangement.

Also, there are many kinds of chocolate and good combinations of chocolate treats that are perfect for sweets and desserts. Not only that, now there are also many food companies that provide high innovation and creativity for customers who celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partners to add to a more romantic atmosphere.

These are the reasons why chocolate and Valentine’s Day are often thought of as the same thing. You can find out more about them in Vacation Indonesia and Konten Gabut. From a historical point of view, chocolate was a popular item in Europe in the 1600s. It became so popular that the price of chocolate itself went up and became more expensive. Many people want to show their love for their partners by giving them expensive or high-value gifts.