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Hazrat Fatima- A Queen and Role Model for all Women

Hazrat Fatima- A Queen and Role Model for all Women

Hazrat Fatima bint Muhammad is an important female figure in Islam. Fatima was last child of Prophet Muhammad. His wife Khadijah. was loved by the holy prophet (saw) dearly.

She was born in Fatima between 605 AD and 615 AD. Her birth date of Fatima coincides with the time when the Prophet Muhammad. When the holy prophet (saw) was concentrating in meditation on the mountains of Mecca. Fatima had three sisters and two brothers.

All of Fatima’s sisters were married before coming of age. As a result, Hazrat Fatima spent much of her childhood with her father. She is believed to be the youngest Muslim convert at the time. Hazrat Fatima often accompanies her father on prayer missions. Her moral purity is highly regarded by Muslims around the world. Fatima later married her father’s cousin and her best friend Ali.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said about Hazrat Fatima R.A.

If Fatima is not satisfied, I am not satisfied.

Fatima Az Zahra (RA) had three sisters Zainab (RA).

Umm Kulthum (RA).

Ruqayyah (RA).

She also had three siblings named:

Qasim (R.A.).

Abdullah (R.A.).

Ibrahim (R.A.)

All of her siblings died in childhood.

Hazrat Fatima is the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Her mother’s name is Khadijah. She was also bestowed with many other titles. Titles such as Zahra (Lady of Light) and Sayyidatun Nisa Al Aramin (World Women’s Leader).

When she was five years old, a major change occurred in her life. when her father (SAW) was sent as an emissary to all mankind. After the Messenger of Allah (SAW) proclaimed her status as her Prophet. At that time Fatima (RA) suffered many hardships. Among the serious problems she faced was a siege in the valley of Abu Talib.

I have never seen anyone who resembled the Blessed Prophet (PBUH) in every way so much as Fatima, daughter of Allah’s Messenger.

Hazrat Muhammad reportedly said:

Fatima is a part of me and whoever upsets her upsets me.

When the siege of Abu Her Talib ended. Fatima (RA) was devastated by the death of her mother Khadijah (RA). Fatima (R.A.) found it very difficult to deal with the loss and grief of her mother’s death.

When it came time for Fatima to marry. Some of Muhammad’s Close companions came forward. They asked for Fatima’s hand in marriage. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and Hazrat Umar (RA) were included. But both the Prophet and Fatima rejected all these initial proposals.

Finally, Ali, Muhammad’s cousin came forward. Being a close companion. He asked for Fatima’s hand in marriage. Earlier, Muhammad asked for divine intervention when he married his daughter.

Following Ali’s Proposal, the Prophet and his daughter agreed. He believed Ali was the right fit. It is said that Fatima married Ali when she was around 19 to 10 years old.

Their marriage was said to be sacred and of great importance. Especially to Prophet Muhammad and Islam. The Prophet himself celebrated his daughter’s wedding which was catered by his two wives.

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One year after her marriage to Ali (RA). Fatima (RA) read the Prophet (saw) rejoiced and chanted ‘Atan’ (call to prayer) in his ear. He (S.A.W.) also chewed on dates and rubbed the mouth of the newborn. He called him Hassan and shaved his hair on the seventh day after his birth. Furthermore, distributed silver equal to the weight of his hair as alms to the poor. AlQuranClasses offers you Best online Quran Classes in USA.

In Shaban’s fourth hijra month after one year. Fatima (RA) gave birth to her second son Hussein ibn her Ali (RA). The Prophet (Saw) loved his two grandchildren very much.

One of Fatima’s most prominent aspects of her life was her poverty. While most of Fatima’s other members of her family lived affluent lives. Fatima and her husband lived frugally.

For example, Fatima usually took care of her family’s household duties. while her husband worked as an irrigator on a local farm. Despite her changing fate, Fatima continued to live a humble life. She often treated her servants with kindness.

Fatima (R.A.) lived a frugal life after her marriage to Ali (R.A.). In contrast to her sisters who were married to wealthy people. Ali (r.a.) built her house near the residence of the Prophet SAW in Medina. she lived with Fatima (r.a.).

She used to carry a jar of water from her well. ground corn in her handmill. made dough, baked bread. Cleaned the house and did all her household chores herself.

Allah blessed Fatima (Ra) by prolonging the offspring of Allah’s Messenger (Saw). When the Prophet (Saw) returned from his journey. He (Saw) was praying his two rakats in a mosque. Then visited Fatima (Ra) in the presence of his wife.

I have never seen anyone so similar to her Prophet (Saw) in her words, manner of speaking, and sitting as Fatima. He is used to kissing her when she comes, and so does she.

Fatima (R.A.) has endured many trials and hardships in her life. She suffered the successive deaths of her mother. Her sisters are Luqayah, Zainab, and Umm Kulthum. She also endured a life of poverty and hardship. But she did not indulge in grief or disappointment.

Head of the Woman of Paradise

The Prophet Muhammad would kiss her, and stand up. Put her in his place whenever she visited her father. One time Hazrat Fatima went to her father. Asked him for a servant to do household chores. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered her:

I will speak to you much better than your servants. He said to say Allah Akbar 34 times.

Fatima is the chief of the women of paradise.

The multifaceted personality of Hazrat Fatima (SA) is a shining example for today’s Muslim women. who do not live exclusively in Islamic societies. A woman can at the same time distribute wealth and property to good mothers, daughters, wives, teachers, mentors of children, volunteer social workers, and the poor and needy of society.

With Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA) as a role model, women are conscious of whether a society is at peace or war, whether there are economic or material hardships, or whether members of society are hostile. Nothing is impossible if you have complete faith in Almighty Allah. Also, Hazrat Fatima is the best example for all women.