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Top 10 Best Playgroups in Amravati for Kids

We help you to choose the best pre-school, Montessori school, nursery school, playschool for kids and get a child’s overall physical, intellectual, emotional, mental, social skill development, playgroup school, kids play school, playgroup activities and preschool curriculum.

Playgroups are learning centers where parents enroll their pre-schoolers to help them shape their intellect. Young teachers make young children learn about various activities, both mental and physical. Playschool children are usually around the age of 1? 3, the most important period to engage them in gentle mental activities. Involving children in playgroups is beneficial as they learn the art of socializing and sharing with classmates. Preschools teach students various subjects along the lines of arts and crafts where they can further develop their creative skills. Playgroups themselves also provide a support network for parents and host ladies’ nights among other events. As payment methods, most of them accept cash and checks from their customers. Scroll above to choose from the many playgroups in Amravati.

Tomoae School, Amravati

Address: Amravati Camp, Amravati – 444601.

Mobile No: +91 7212190409, +91 7212970160

New Orange City Convent Schools, Amravati

Address: Warud Amravati, Amravati – 444906.

Mobile No: +91 07229232991, +91 7229232991

Jagdamb Public School, Amravati

Address: Belora Road, Chandur Bazar, Amravati – 444704

Mobile No: +91 9049573926, +91 9623155352

Indo Public School,Amravati

Address: Mardi Road, Amravati Ho, Amravati – 444901

Mobile No: +91 7212711098 +91 9673311199

Rainbow Kidzee,Amravati

Address: Gawande Layout, Sai Nagar Amravati, Amravati – 444607

Mobile No: +91 8625803407, +91 9823023637, +91 9763729262


Address: 47, Hariom Colony, Near Harsh Mangalam, Shankar Nagar Road, Nawathe, Amravati – 444606.

Mobile No: +91 7387535553

ADHYAYAN English Pre- Primary School,Amravati

Address: Narsamma Play-Ground Ground, Near Farshi Stop, Dastur Nagar Road, Farshi, Amravati – 444605

Mobile No: +91 07942598766

Sanskar International School,Amravati

Address: Amravati Road, Paratwada, Amravati – 444805

Mobile No: +91 7558751818, +91 7558751919

Happy Kids International School,Amravati

Address: Head Office:- Shree Vihar Colony, Near Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, 1st Branch :- V.k Colony Akoli Road, Sainagar, Sai Nagar Amravati, Amravati – 444607

Mobile No: +91 9921329258 +91 7620200771

Bishops Pre Primery School,Amravati

Address: Plot No.- A-36, Venkatesh Colony Near Wadali Garden, SRPF Camp Road, Amravati Camp, Amravati – 444602

Mobile No: +91 7385389354, +91 9421740179

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