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How to Properly Hold Eyelashes Tweezers Extensions?

Eyelashes Tweezers are an absolute necessity for professional eyelash extensions, therefore it’s important to stock up on a wide variety of high-quality options. If you don’t know how to properly grasp the tweezers, it won’t matter how good they are. In addition to slowing you down and increasing the likelihood of hand, wrist, and arm fatigue, an incorrect grasp position can make applying eyelash extensions more difficult.

How do I properly hold tweezers for eyelash extension?

Using Eyelashes Tweezers it’s important to think about three things while designing a gripper, where your hand will placed along the gripper’s length, how your fingers will arranged, and how many fingers you’ll need to use. Tweezers for applying false eyelashes; how to use them

To pluck eyelashes, how far should I reach?

The best place to reach for the pliers is smack in the heart of the situation. Find the broadest part of the metal and the aperture, and rest your thumb there as a reference. Too much pressure required to close the pliers if you hold them near the end with the seal since you can’t control your movements. Pain and muscle strain are the results of this situation.

Instructions for applying eyelash extensions:

Holding the pliers too near to the foot of the tool causes the user to apply too much pressure, which is not only unpleasant but also potentially dangerous. Fingers ultimately get in the way, obstructing your view and making it difficult to use placement clamps. Sticky fingertips are never a good thing, so be careful.

Fingers-in-place metaphor:

Picking up the lash tweezer like a pen and placing it on the side of the middle finger is a common error. The lack of finger mobility in this posture limits your precision. As a result, the thumb forced to do too much of the work, which can lead to injuries like whiplash or soreness in the hand. Inexperienced lash artists can develop this poor habit, and it may go undetected until they go on from classic lashes to Russian volume lashes, which require much more dexterity and precision.

Use your thumb:

The clamp can tilt and twist if you merely use your thumb to close it. A clean, flush closure is impossible to achieve while using lash tweezers because the top foot can slide over the bottom foot. Therefore, as you approach or move away from the glue, the newly-created fans may twist or even fall out of your palm. Instead, hold it like a dart, with your thumb below the rest of your fingers.

Using tweezers for eyelash extensions: 

When picking up the lashes, tension removed if the three fingers are evenly spaced. Eyelash extension tweezers: how to use them Instead, you should position your middle finger in front of your thumb, which is the most secure part of your hold. Raise your pointing finger a little bit.

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How many fingers are up?

Not only that! You should try using your thumb, index finger, and middle finger in this grip to see if it helps in isolating the gripper. You can also use your ring finger to provide extra stability near the foot. That way, you may rest your small finger on it if necessary.

We advise you to begin with this four-finger grip when using Russian volume lash tweezers (thumb, index, middle and ring finger). Without having to twist, you can now close the lid firmly and evenly to make sure it fits perfectly flush. However, many lash technicians also utilise the tips of their little finger and index finger.

Approach the foot:

This position has the thumb underneath the other four fingers, with the fingers gradually getting shorter as they approach the foot. For even greater security and command, consider this. That’s because you’re putting your whole hand to work, not just your thumb.

You should try out different “fingers on top” grips to find the one that best suits your needs. I’m confused as to which hand you’re supposed to use the isolation pliers with. Using your non-dominant hand, grip the isolation clamp. For right-handed people, this implies holding it with their left hand, and vice versa for lefties. You’re really just switching to your “free” hand.

Your dominant hand for the placement pliers:

As you’ll need your dominant hand for the placement pliers, it’s important to practise dexterity with your non-dominant hand. To successfully isolate the eyelashes, you’ll need to hone your dexterity, which will take time to develop. Setting tweezers demand much more control and accuracy, so you should use your strongest hand whether you’re applying conventional lashes or Russian volume lashes.