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Dayara Bugyal trek – The Green Queen – Adventure




It is very unnatural that an Indian is not fond of Bollywood movies. We all know that bollywood movies are famous for their songs and dances in different beautiful locations. Sometimes couples plan their post wedding destination inspired by the locations of Bollywood movies. To promote the movie producers sometimes announce the outdoor shooting locations were in Switzerland, Paris, Canada etc. But if we visit Kodaikanal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Dayara Bugyal trek we can find similarities with foreign countries. The winter shooting locations also match with Himalayan range and Alps. In the 60s most of the bollywood movies were shot in Kashmir. The beautiful snow cap peaks, green valleys, carpet of colorful flowers, forests of high rise trees made Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh so attractive that no one can say “No” for a vacation at any location in these two states. Moreover, the pleasant temperature and clear sky creates a fresh environment. Have you ever smelled a bunch of new grass or touched the drop of water on a pine leaf? Have you ever picked up a fresh pine fruit which fell down on the ground a few seconds ago? Have you ever picked a jungle-colored flower from the bushes? If not then take a short vacation from your 8-8 job. Do some fitness before packing your bag so that you can walk for at least 3-4 hours a day. Because there is an adventure filled place waiting for you, where you can do all the above activities peacefully. A less gathered place will unfold in front you when you read the details about that place.


Brief overview


In India, there are numerous meadows. They are not easily reachable for producers and directors, because those places are only reachable on foot. Carrying heavy shooting equipment is not possible. So, those places with less crowded habitats are still maintaining their traditional way of living. One of these places is Dayara Bugyal. Bugyal is an Alpine meadow which means “Nature’s own nursery”. It is a high altitude meadow which is covered with green grasses during summer. It is situated between 11000 to 13000 feet above sea level. It is in Uttrakhand and easily reachable from nearest airport or railway station Dehradun. It is a trekking place stretched around 28 sq. km. area. You can run around here without getting hurt due to the thick grass. Even if you are a cricket lover and love to play, the ground is as good as Dharamshala cricket stadium ground. Your lungs will become fresh by inhaling clean, unpolluted air during morning yoga and meditation. So, why to think about other places? Give a try to Dayara Bugyal Trek, as the trek route is comfortable for new trekkers also.


Tour plan


Are you ready? Let us start our journey. You can reach Dehradun easily. The journey begins by road to reach 180 km. distance. In addition to that you can witness the scenic beauty of terai region and flowing Bhagirathi all the way beside the road.  


Day 1


You will reach Natin on the first day. To stay one night any homestay will be available at Natin. 


Day 2


The trek begins on the 2nd day. 5 km. trekking at the altitude of 2898 mtr. will be enjoyable. The camp site is at Gui. By the time of lunch you can reach Gui passing through the forest.


Day 3


Passing through the forest of rhododendron and oak for 4 km. at 3408 mtr. You will reach Dayara Bugyal. You can refresh your picture stock by clicking photos of Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Shrikhand Mahadev, Srikanth peak and Gangotri. It will be a panoramic canvas. You may feel like staying there forever. The color combination of nature will take you to the heavenly feeling. Your heart will not permit you to return back to the Gui campsite. But you have to return.


Day 4


You will be back to Natin from Gui through 5 km. descend trail. The route will be the same. But your mind will be filled with lots of nice, amazing, beautiful memories.


Day 5


185 km of drive will drop you to Dehradun.  If you look back to your last 4 days, you can not forget the beautiful memories in your lifetime.



 It is an easy trek with less ascending and descending trails. Most of the path has gone through the forest. If you have a good walking habit you can cover the route easily. Trails are very clean , so you can easily concentrate on your photography. Now, you can definitely go for the Dayara Bugyal trek.