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Why is 20bet The Best Online Sports Betting Site?

A sports betting site should be judged by a few different standards – including the speed of betting and payout periods. 20bet is one of the best because it has faster betting times than most other sites and offers faster payout times. In addition, they are one of the safest sites for users – with secure encryption to protect you from hackers and fraud.

The Best Sports Betting Site – Why 20bet?

It has a unique relationship with its players that separates them from other sites. You earn points for every game you gamble on. The winning point amount depends on the number of bets placed and how much you win, but it is more than enough to make your purchases worthwhile.

You can use these points to play on 20bet or withdraw them. They have some of the longest payout times in the business – up to 300 days (1 year). The site also offers a risk-free bet option, which is good for players who are nervous about their first use.

20bet is one of the best sites to do online sports betting because they are industry leaders in the field of sports betting, with a commitment to providing their players with an unbeatable experience. 

What Can You Bet on Using 20bet?

1. Basketball

The basketball betting options include Euroleague games as well as NCAA bets. In addition to the main sports, you can bet on other aspects of basketball, such as slam dunk contests or 3-point shooting competitions. It is one of the most popular options for gamblers around the world.

2. Tennis

The tennis betting options include exceptional top-level events. 20bet also offers bettors the chance to bet on challenger and futures events and Grand Slam events. You can also bet on more obscure aspects of tennis, such as the Davis Cup matches or singles competitions.

3. Motorsports

The motorsports betting options include international races and other events, such as the Daytona 500. As well as these, there are a few dedicated options for avid racing fans to bet on. You can also place wagers on karting and snowboard competitions.

4. Baseball

Baseball is one of 20 Bet’s most popular sports – some of the best teams in Major League Baseball play in some of the biggest stadiums in the world. You can bet on the World Series and events such as the All-Star Game. The site also offers special options and related events.

5. Rugby

Rugby is a popular sport worldwide, so it makes sense that this option is available to bettors on 20bet. You can bet on major competitions such as the Rugby World Cup or the Six Nations Championship. Other smaller competitions, including the European Championships and Pro12 matches, are also available.

6. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is perhaps the most exciting of the six options. Not only can you bet on the best players in leagues such as the NHL, but you can also place wagers on other events related to ice hockey, such as European Championships, Asian Winter Games and World Championships.

7. eSports

eSports are becoming increasingly popular today, so it makes sense that 20bet offers this option to their players. 22bet offers exciting eSports betting options, such as tournaments sponsored by major gaming companies. There are also popular casino games with live eSports events and regular competitions.


22bet is one of the best sports betting sites in the world because they offer exceptional options for gamblers, such as eSports and ice hockey. The site is a leader in their field and offers some of the best odds around – along with lightning-fast payouts.