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Angular and New Era of Web Development

AngularJS is a part of the Javascript system and it is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks used for web development. Angular was first introduced back in 2009 and officially launched in 2010, it is maintained by Google, since then the development community has given recommendations on which it has been improved overtime. 

Angular is a frontend framework which is used to build modern UI elements, SPAs, and interactive web applications. Angular programmers are front end programmers or if they learn a backend framework and database then they would become a full stack developer. According to last year’s Stack Overflow survey more than 23 percent of developers use Angular.

Now that you know the basics of Angular let’s have a look at its backend story, features, and its development architecture.

Angular, backend story

Angular, an open source framework, is released and supported by Google. It is written and based on the programming language, Javascript. Angular programmers use it to create modern user interfaces and interactive websites as well as web applications. Angular is large scale framework and is better suited for enterprise level applications. 

New era of web development with AngularJS

Angular and Angular JS programmers changed the world of web development. How, you ask? It came with tools and coding techniques to build SPAs, single page applications, and interactive UI easily. 

Angular applications have web based elements that do not need anything else but a browser to run. The biggest benefit of using angular is the data is loaded to the webpage without having to reload the page itself. Thus, user interaction becomes fast and the website becomes more responsive. Responding to a click or some other event is dont through dynamic loading instead of starting from scratch. So, the webpages are truly dynamic. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, GitHub, are few popular examples of web apps and websites using dynamic loading and Angular.

MVC architecture

To hire dedicated AnglarJS developers you should take note of their knowledge of its architecture and file structure. Angular divides the application development into three parts, the popular MVC structure. Model is the data layer, View is the UI or frontend layer, and Controller is the business logic. The benefit of this is rapid application development and truly following the waterfall development methodology, because all the parts are.e. M, V, and C can be developed in parallel.

Data binding in both directions

Angular programers have the benefit of using two way data binding to their advantage. Change in Model triggers change in the View reducing the cost of development. Meaning writing less code. 

Dependency injection

Angular developer have the option to define rules on how different pieces of code interact with each other. So, they can change dependencies without changing the app structure or code. Dependency injection can also be used to simplify testing, making the code reusable and easy to maintain. This also makes the application easy to scale whenever needed.

These are features of Angular development and its development structure. Now you know what angular is and what it is used for.