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9 Best Side Characters In Forspoken

From New York to Athia, Frey meets a lot of different people. These are the best cats and other minor characters in Forspoken.

Even though Frey is the main character in the Forspoken story, there are many other characters who help Frey and the story along the way. Whether it’s a townie trying to do what’s best for Athia and the realm or one of the sworn protectors of the world, every side character, even a cat, has an important job to do.

The world of Athia is dangerous and full of corruption, but there are still a few characters who try to change what is going to happen to the land. Even though Frey doesn’t have many friends in New York City, there are still a few people who want to make her life better. Here are nine of Forspoken’s best supporting characters.