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10 Free Online Games to Play With Friends in 2023

Free online games are back, and everyone is playing them—if there is one thing that we can all agree on during this quarantine.

How else might we get out with our buddies or meet up with college friends we haven’t seen in months?

Thus, we combed the internet to gather this list of 10 – free! — games you need to play at your subsequent online gathering. For the trivia buff, word nerd, and adrenaline addict in all of us, there is something here.


The object of the game is to trick your friends into selecting a phony response to genuine trivia questions. You get a point if you correctly guess the answer. You get a point if you can trick a buddy into thinking your made-up response is the correct one.

Got it? Now download the app and test it out with a buddy or two.


You may certainly find it on the Plato chat app if you think of any vintage multiplayer game. UNO, Battleship, Ludo, and a number of other well-known card games are among the more than 30 games in the collection. Up to 100 pals may play and converse at once, making it ideal for game nights with loved ones or classmates.

Plato - 10 Free Online Games to Play With Friends in 2023

You can get all the card games you need at Plato. Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP is the source.

Mario Kart Tour

Several of us used Nintendo systems to compete with our siblings before Playstation. Mario Kart was one of the finest games for settling scores. Using this software on your phone, you may now dare seven other players to beat you in this race down memory lane.

To play, you must have a Nintendo account.

Scrabble Go

Word nerds, come together! Scrabble Go is a beloved classic that can be played for free online. Choose your opponents carefully since there might be up to four participants. To begin, download the app.


Play out your espionage fancies with this deception game modeled off Cluedo (or Clue). When each other participant is assigned a location, the “spy” is chosen randomly. After then, players must quiz each other to determine who is really aware of the secret before the spy figures it out.

Available on PC and mobile.

Drawful 2

Consider Drawful 2 as an absurd online Pictionary game where pals attempt to guess your finest or worst doodles. Some funny responses include “creepy tiger” and “death by trombone.” Three to eight players are permitted.

You may play it online or download the app on your phone.

This Is Your World

Free online games like this one are popular among trivia buffs. How it works is as follows: you will collect cards from various parts of the globe and contrast them with factual inquiries like “Who has the greater economy?” or “Which mountain is the tallest?”

The greatest thing is that you may play alone, online, or with friends.

This Is Your World - 10 Free Online Games to Play With Friends in 2023

You’ll always advance on this walk down memory lane.

Remote Insensitivity

Here’s your opportunity to practically relive those boisterous evenings of playing Cards Against Humanity with the team using one of the numerous available free online games. To start the party, just send your pals a link inviting them to your “room.”

Time Heist

Two time-traveling teams compete against one another in the game Time Heist. Each side selects a captain, who is the only player permitted to glance at the screen at any time throughout the game. Based on the century, category, and description, the leaders must have their team guess the genuine trivia answer.

You may play in Fast, Normal, or Legend mode. May the most skilled time traveler triumph!


Consider the game as Scrabble with a Battleship twist. You first get a “bucket” of colorful balls. A random set of letters is then given to you. Just four-letter words may be made from this list, and a ball will pop into your bucket each time you spell a word correctly. You’ll respawn two balls in your opponent’s bucket if you correctly pronounce four words in a row.

Want more? Free online games for 2023 have anything from monsters to Star Wars and DC heroes. Some of them are Redfall, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dead Island 2, Coreball, Resident Evil 4 Remake,…