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Top Ten Don’ts For The IELTS Speaking Test

Are you enthusiastic about studying abroad and building your future on the track to success? If so, then you are making the right decision, and we appreciated your impressive approach to brightening your future. However, numerous factors are essential to enroll in universities abroad. IELTS is one of the crucial things you must pass to overcome the dream of studying abroad.

Many individuals find it hard to prepare for the IELTS and pass their exams in one attempt. But don’t be afraid and keep yourself relaxed because you are exploring the right platform. If you approach the appropriate tactics, one stops you from clearing your IELTS on the first attempt. Here, in this post, we will describe the ten don’ts for the IELTS speaking test. Therefore, don’t go anywhere and upgrade your knowledge while staying here.

10 Don’ts For The IELTS Speaking Test

It is obvious that you surely make certain mistakes while attempting the first IELTS test. A few elements are essential to consider when you attempt your IELTS test. No one can stop you if you deliberate these points in your considerations. It will surely assist you in getting good marks on your IELTS test. Therefore, in this post, we will describe the top 10 don’ts for the IELTS speaking test that will support you in achieving an 8+ score in the IELTS speaking test. So, stay with us here and keep scrolling below.

1. Don’t Memorize Answers

If you opt to study abroad, you must achieve a good score on your IELTS test. Most individuals find it best to memorize the scripted answers. But examiners are experts at spotting them, and you might lose your marks this way. Therefore, we suggest you not memorize the particular answers and respond based on the examiner’s questions.

Also, you have to approach the professionals that support you to improve your proficiency and caliber of English speaking. For this reason, we suggest you explore the services of the study consultants in Islamabad. It might assist you in achieving a high score on your IELTS test.

2. Don’t Worry About The Examiner’s Opinion

Don’t rely on the examiner’s opinion. If you respond fluently and provide grammatically correct answers, you feel free to achieve good marks. Examiners emphasize your ability to speak and give fluent answers. Therefore, don’t consider the examiner’s opinion and feel relaxed to respond appropriately.

3. Don’t Use Complicated Words

Your examiner might be irritated if you utilize complicated, big words. So, please avoid using prolonged and complicated sentences. It might be challenging for your examiner to recognize your concept or thoughts. Therefore, you have to use simple or short sentences and try to show your examiner that you have plenty of vocabulary instead of using complicated words that you also do not understand. If you are unsure about the words’ meaning and utilization, please avoid using them in your sentences.

4. Don’t Prioritize grammar over Fluency

Many students lose their marks when they emphasize grammar more than Fluency. They feel that in this way, they get good marks to show their perfect grammar. Also, using the present perfect tense in speaking is not appropriate. So, avoid prioritizing your grammar and practice more and more to speak fluent and appropriate sentences.

5. Don’t Worry About Your Accent

If you want to get a good score in your IELTS exams┬áthen practice is the best solution for you. Also, as you are not a native English speaker, therefore, don’t need to use British and American accents in your speaking. It might distract your focus, and you will be unable to speak appropriately. Therefore, stay simple but focus on the appropriate and fluent sentences without hesitation.

6. Don’t Use Filler Words

Some participants use excessive filler words, for instance, ” therefore, ” ” moreover,” “additionally, ” ” etc., ” in their sentences. It creates the image in the examiner’s mind that you have a very selective vocabulary and are unsure about your language.

7. Don’t Get Too Nervous

It’s a human fact to get nervous in the exams but don’t worry about anything and keep calm and relax. Also, don’t follow your friend’s experience of speaking at low volume when they are nervous. It might reduce the interest or focus of the examiner, and they might fail you without listening to you. The best way is to prepare well, which assists you in maintaining your confidence and self-reliance.

Therefore, we suggest you get the professional service of the study consultants in Islamabad to prepare well for the IELTS test. They have well-experienced and competent professors who guide you properly and organize practical tasks to enhance your speaking ability and proficiency.

8. Don’t Be Late

Punctuality is a major asset to make people proficient and competent. Therefore, be on time on the test day to eliminate traffic problems. However, we suggest you reach early; it might assist you in finding your test spot on time. Reaching earlier at the test place might indulge you in your comfort zone and boost your confidence.

Wrapping Up

If you consider above mentioned motives while preparing for your test, you will get the highest score in your IELTS. But don’t forget to get the classes from the experts. It might assist you in boosting your proficiency and accuracy in language. So, explore the best educational consultant and grab this opportunity.