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2023 Top 10 Data Center Colocation Providers in the USA
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2023 Top 10 Data Center Colocation Providers in the USA


In the present time, almost half of the data centers existing worldwide are operated by just fifteen largest colocation providers. The remainder industry is pretty patchy and also keeps on modifying in minutes according to the change in consolidations. Further, as the investment in the market is increasing, the rankings can get impacted sooner or later, however, still, the USA IT service providers will continue to hold some of the highest shares in the market. At the same time, more and more corporations and organizations will continue to move their business IT infrastructure to the Colocation Data Center USA


This is because they are striving for maximum business profitability, the least overhead expenditure, and top-grade hosting services. In this article, we have given the highlights of the top Colocation Data Center USA of the year 2023. They are known to meet the growing demands and necessities for cloud adoption, density computing, and hyper-scale facilities. Plunge into the segments below and gather the necessary details. 

The Top 10 Data Center Colocation Providers in the USA


01. Equinix:

Equinix is one of the largest and most reliable colocation providers, founded in 1988. It runs 202 data centers across the world. The company further offers high-end USA colocation solutions to the progressing challenges associated with IT. You also receive virtual network service, updates without any latency, and supreme consultation services. 


02. Digital Realty:

Digital Realty is one of the most established colocation providers, founded in 2004. It typically conducts mission-critical services for industries, including social media, financial, health, and telecom. The company further commits to ensuring sustainability and environmental protection through its green data centers.


03. Cyxtera:

Cyxtera is well-recognized for providing the capability to efficiently share Colocation USA Services on-site to client businesses. With the company, you can employ a suite of facilities for extensions & transformations to data centers that are on-site. You can easily engage with the Cyxtera marketplace in order to upgrade your existing colocation facilities.


04. Serverwala: 

Serverwala is the fastest evolving colocation data center that offers cheap colocation USA with high-grade facilities and avant-garde services. With the data center, you further receive high-tech multilayered security, redundant power, and surplus bandwidth. 


05. Sungard AS:

Sungard AS is the most prominent and effective DRaaS provider. Thus, you can easily expect the top-leading security service as well as booming data recovery with its Colocation Services USA. Further, Sungard AS renders substantial cloud migration support and scalability options.


06. NTT:

NTT Communications has rapidly matured into a top-notch vendor. It owns 48 data centers operating and primarily provide cloud services, incorporating IoT, storage,& data processing facilities. You also get access to businesses’ voice & video communications, SNS, VPN, and Leased Line services. 


07. TierPoint:

TierPoint is another best colocation providers of cloud, disaster recovery, and managed services. It offers hybrid cloud, clouds On-Ramp, public cloud, and multi-tenant cloud under its Colocation Services USA. Their integration permits you to fuse the appropriate infrastructure to govern the right workload. 


08. CoreSite:

CoreSite is a well-known Colocation Data Center USA that offers shared colocation services that can be conducted on-site. It lets you acquire upgrades, supervision, emergency protocols, modern hardware & software solutions, resilient connections, and much more. 


09. Flexential:

Flexential is another famous colocation services USA provider. It offers open & tailored colocation IT services, hybrid IT networks, cloud-hosting services, and easy scalability. You can also obtain effective disaster recovery solutions at Flexential. 


10. Iron Mountain:

Iron Mountain is a popular colocation provider that owns a hyper-secure facility constructed 220 feet underground in Pennsylvania. As a data center colocation provider, it accommodates the business requirements of interconnection, comprehensive security, compliance program, sustainability, document scanning, cloud management, and other facilities.


Colocation Data Center USA: High-Performance Service for Your IT Infrastructure

Colocation Data Center USA

Colocation Data Center USA is considered the ideal option for ensuring high-performance service for your business IT infrastructure because of the following excellent features it provides- 


  • Maximum uptime network with thoroughly fault-resistant pools
  • Multiple power circulation routes as well as dual power sources 
  • Dissemination segments support
  • Congregated influential architecture with unbeatable protection
  • Centralized IT functionalities and operations  
  • Load balancing administration 
  • Redundancy configuration of both software and hardware levels
  • Optimized physical space & resources
  • Asset visibility under USA colocation 
  • Highest energy efficiency guarantee
  • Numerous resourceful disaster recovery techniques 

Why Choose Serverwala for Colocation Data Center USA?

Serverwala for Colocation Data Center USA
Serverwala for Colocation Data Center USA

Serverwala is well-renowned as the world-class, award-winning & most steadfast colocation data center USA. It offers the most advanced data security measures with its colocation plans. Further, every colocation plan comes at the cheapest possible cost pricing and high flexibility. The data center also guarantees the support of top-tier equipment, standard & automated data backup services, and powerful system tools. Moreover, you receive the following incredible benefits with Serverwala’s cheap colocation USA – 


  • 24/7/365 Technical assistance through various communication channels
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Proficient storage 
  • Managed hosting services 
  • Hardware ownership
  • Prevent Ransomware Attacks
  • Full service and cost transparency
  • Constant power delivery
  • Highest operational speed
  • Carrier-Neutrality facility and much more.


A Colocation Data Center USA serves as the most promising and smooth pathway for conducting your business IT operations. It enables you to acquire the highest possible return for your money acquisition and attain the utmost security for your business. With this article, you must have learned about many colocation providers you can seek for acquiring the most competent data center services & facilities. 


Moreover, you can choose to go with Serverwala Tier-III data center if your priority is having the best-in-class services and superior customer assistance with the Colocation Data Center USA. Serverwala further lets you access enterprise-grade infrastructure, resilient technologies, the fastest connectivity, and real-time network monitoring