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The Tech What


The Best Apps for Organizing Your Trip

Travel planning just got easier. The ideal solution of multiple apps has allowed travelers to spend less time preparing, from buying travel tickets to health insurance to tickets to places of interest. Hotel reservations became a few clicks away, too. Moreover, you don’t have to print anything out now, as you can show a QR code on your smartphone. And there are only a few of these applications.

The functionality of the applications is impressive: from simple reminders and lists to complex systems for selecting tickets, transferring to the hotel, and booking rooms and tables in restaurants with the best terrace. And all these are thanks to various options – according to the conditions set by the user. All you need to do is enter your payment details, and your trip will be scheduled for the most convenient dates and with all your requirements taken into account.

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Popular apps

If you’re a travel planner, you’ll want to use these apps:

  • Airbnb. This rental service allows you to rent directly from the owner without the services of realtors. Before booking, you can contact the owner and verify all the details, see photos and descriptions of the accommodation. Also, you can read reviews of travelers about the capacity and the owner, see the rating and make a conclusion.

  • Skyscanner. The application collects the best deals on airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car reservations. An exciting bonus system allows you to save on every trip.
  • Google Trips. The app will collect all electronic tickets and reservations related to your trip in your inbox and even show any offline map (and calculate travel time, of course). The functionality also includes tips and recommendations for visiting popular places, essential information, and contacts for possible emergencies in any country.
  • App in the Air. The app tracks flight information and helps you navigate through any airport. The app’s functionality creates a checklist for each trip right in the app; check in for your flight and find out information about departure and arrival airports. Separate maps and layouts of airport terminals around the world are provided.
  • Gogobot. Thanks to this application, everyone can easily plan trips, create routes and schedules for each day, and synchronize information with multiple gadgets. Gogobot has access to reviews of other users about hotels, restaurants, attractions, and entertainment. And the Tribes feature will help you find people with similar interests.

Map Apps

  • Tripomatic. The app’s primary function is to plan your travel itinerary by days, hours, and even minutes. It’s simple: choose the dates of the trip, the attractions we want to visit, and the duration of their visit, and we get a detailed plan of activities for the entire trip. The program will consider everything, even the time needed to travel between points. Lists of recommendations contain many of the most exciting places worldwide; it is possible to download maps offline. In addition, the application will help you book a car, a hotel room, order tours, and much more.
  • Musement. The app will organize your trip without leaving you a single free minute. It’s simple and easy to buy tickets to museums, wine tastings, and even swimming sessions with dolphins. You’ll have recommendations from a local expert who’ll suggest something exciting and help with reservations. There are plenty of entertainment options in the app, with easy-to-navigate categories.
  • This is a specialized mapping service with great detail, which does not require an internet connection. The application has maps of the whole world: 345 countries and islands. Cafes, restaurants, museums, hospitals, and dozens of other categories – will help you navigate to them no matter where you are.
  • Stay. The app offers free offline guides and detailed maps of different cities. It’s easier than ever to find your way to a destination in a foreign city.
  • XE Currency. Everyone knows that it is better to make purchases in the local currency. XE Currency is an online currency converter for your smartphone. You will always know the best exchange rate no matter what country you are in and what currency you need to pay with.



These are only some of the apps for world usage. But even their friendly interface and ease of working with you are enough to make your journey convenient.

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