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Phulara Ridge: A Thrilling Ridge Walk Into The Wild.




A ridge walk into the Phulara Ridge Trek will leave you thrilled! If you want to experience a trip filled with witnessing snow-capped mountains, the river which gives peace to the human eye, the freshness of walking along the trees and plantations, the fresh air that you can breathe, the wind that goes by in the open, an amazing experience of spending your nights in the tents; witnessing the cold fog around you will make your life a little better. If you are looking for such a great experience and thrill then let the bells ring… a little ding and a little dong…..


Let’s dive into Phulara Ridge Trek!


The Phulara Ridge Trek, which comprises everything from fun to thrill and has an elevation 

of 12,127 feet, suitable for all outdoor aficionados. The attractive places that people would deeply want to visit are the treks in India. Hence, walking to Phulara Ridge is without a doubt over-worthy when it comes to trekking in Uttarakhand, the trekking hotspot. Phulara Ridge, located in Uttarakhand, is a stunning trip suitable for both rookies and expert hikers. You may enjoy the Himalayan range’s snow-capped summits as well as magnificent peaks like Kedarkantha, Swargrohini, and many others.


The Phulara Ridge Trek in Uttarakhand is one of the most popular treks in India and is also the most challenging. Thick, dark, deep forests of pine and Rhododendrons that look incredibly artistic make up its attractiveness. The scenes that attract your attention are those of Pustara’s meadows.


This trek is rated from easy to moderate levels of difficulty, as per the high altitude of 12,127ft. The name Phulara Ridge suggests, it makes it a marvelous experience for one to climb and go on an adventure. This Phulara Trek can be a piece of cake for the regular trekkers and a little challenging for the rookies/beginners as the pathway of the ridge can have ascent and decent and that proves a person needs to know some techniques of trekking in places.


The best time to visit Phuara Ridge is in the month of March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December.


What is it that makes the trek remarkable?

Phluara Trek; as the name tends to suggest that it is unique in its own form. It has great features to be witnessed; the ridge climb which gives 360° views of amusing peaks, Pustara Meadows. There are a lot of things that make the trek most interesting and beautiful to experience oneself in Uttarakhand. Being recognized in the list of Kedarkanta, Har Ki Dun stands out the most. Another remarkable beauty that makes it beautiful is the Sankri Base Camp where the trek starts; it is a small base camp for many base camp treks, and one of them which stands out and attracts the most is the Phulara Ridge Trek.


The Phulara Ridge trek is said to be easy and moderate and it is said to be safe for any human being out there. Even small children can easily do this trek with the guidance of the elder ones. The place is about 12,000ft high altitude; which makes it an excellent pick for beginners/rookies as well as the experienced ones. 


The first destination to reach Phulara is to first reach Sankri, which is a 10hrs drive from Dehradun. 


The next stop would be from Sankri to Sikolta which takes about 5 hours to reach from Sankri. Here, you can witness a small water resource which is near a broken bridge, which has a breathtaking view to witness.


The third stop would be Siklota to Bhoj Godi via Karsu Thatch, which will take around 4 – 4.5 hours of journey to reach the destination. This place has a water resource to witness as well. It is said that you can fill your water bottles, the water is refreshing and tasty to drink.


The fourth stop would be from Bhoj Godi to Pushtara via Phulara Ridge, which takes about 6 hours to reach this destination. Pushtara has a stunning and breathtaking view. It is indeed a good place to take a break from the trek and rest oneself.


The fifth destination would be from Pushtara to Taluka and drive to Sankri, which takes around 5 hours of trek to reach taluka and 1 hour of drive to Sankri. You can witness demolished huts of Gujjars on the way back to Sankri via Taluka. This would be your last stop from the beautiful destination and go back to Dehradun, which takes around 9 hours of journey to say goodbye to the Phulara Ridge Trek. 

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