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India Kids Fashion Week Complaints dismisses the allegations as Groundless

India Kids Fashion Week Complaints dismisses the allegations as Groundless

Before commencing this article we would like to share a famous quote by Rabindranath Tagore

“The flower which is single need not envy the thorns that are numerous.”
The biggest kids fashion week is here. It calls for celebration for some, a lot of preparations for the designers, opportunities for parents and their kids and not to forget fresh talent for the production houses. The trending India Kids Fashion Week reviews from the previous season have invited over sixty thousand registrations this year and that might not be the final count for the registrations are still open. This is perhaps the happiest period for the above mentioned parties although there are others who are not so happy with your happiness. Envious competitors started flooding India Kids Fashion Week complaints on different platforms. Some of them were immediately removed by respective platforms since it looked suspicious to them but some reviews have stayed. The review committee have analysed all these articles and refute these allegations.

Review committee holds board meeting

After the internet witnessed a flood of India Kids Fashion Week complaints, IKFW held a board meeting. The India Kids Fashion Week reviews committee then proceeded to investigate the problems mentioned in these reviews. A ground report check was conducted. Various employees were interviewed and investigated and their statements were then matched with our CCTV surveillance. The phone numbers provided to them by IKFW were then thoroughly investigated. The messages were retrieved both by whatsapp and normal texts. After all that there were no signs of fraudulent activities by our staff. We went one step further by contacting over thirty thousand contacts to check whether the parents/ clients are satisfied or not. But then again everyone was happy with the communication and the services they received from us. Perplexed initially we were left with no answers until we check those reviews post the investigation wherein the platforms had tagged them as fake. Well majority of them at least. So what is the root of this ruckus, let’s find out.

The juvenile plot of competitors

India Kids Fashion Week review committee holds the fashion week nationwide. Well it is good news for the parents, designers and talent hunters but bad news for local state talent shows. The grand preparations and capital intensive IKFW ends up with the lacklustre of local shows. Historically it is seen that the arrival of IKFW in a state results in reduced participation of public in the local shows by at least sixty percent. It is the prime cause of envy. Our further investigation has identified a few online public relation management companies who were paid a hefty amount to write false reviews. There were some identification markers any one can verify. The fake reviews are

  • 1 star or 2 star
  • No specifics mentioned
  • Reviewer had a single review on the platform
  • The e-mail ID was created just a day before the review post

These reviewers are creating new ID’s and review on these platforms. Some advanced platforms can identify this and mark them as fake but some orthodox platforms might still show them as a verified review.


Many people have been able to participate in the fashion show, which is closely related to the accomplishment of a long-term objective because of the assurance provided by INDIA KIDS FASHION WEEK reviews. Whether you are a child or a well-known fashion designer, you simply cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity because it will not come around again. It offers the ideal platform for seasoned fashion professionals as well as aspiring fashion designers and models to showcase their work. Aside from this, the platform that it provides makes it a wonderful opportunity for children to step into the spotlight at a very early age, which is why it is so appealing to parents.

It is our humble request to kindly ignore the naive endeavours of the wrong doer and ignore India Kids Fashion Week complaints. The frauds are short lived they create an ID for a few minutes, review on platforms and disappear. On the other hand India Kids Fashion Week is there for you both tangibly and intangibly. One might even say IKFW is synonymous to trust as far as kid’s fashion week is concerned. So what are you waiting for Enrol your kids now.