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Kaiser Permanente (KP) account
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How to Login to Your Kaiser Permanente (KP) Account?

Kaiser Permanente is a health insurance company that works on a nonprofit basis. It has a comprehensive network across the United States. it offers cost-effective and high-quality healthcare services to nearly 9 million members including patients by offering them primary secondary and hospital care according to the premium they paid. 

Permanente medical network offers nearly 700 medical facilities and each of the facilities run on a for-profit partnership. To become a member of Kaiser Permanente services is to sign up using their company website or mobile application.

The three main steps to login into my hr kp account are-

  • Visit the official website of Kaiser Permanente company or the Mobile app.
  • Enter your credential details such as your user id and password.
  • The successful login will help you to enter your KP account.

If you do not have a personal account on the Kaiser Permanente website then you need to create one.

Steps to create a KP account:

  • You must visit the Kaiser Permanente website.
  • Choose the option Sign-in to create an account
  • Enter your credentials to complete the steps & create the account successfully.

KP Login App

The Kaiser Permanente login app can also be available which can be useful to consolidate health-related information and can we access it from one location easily.

How to Install the KP Login App

If you want to use mobile then download the Kaiser Permanente app which is suitable for iPhone or iPad or iPod from the App Store or Google Play

How to Log in Using the Website?

Kaiser Permanente is a company that offers solutions related to health issues and the entire services are available on the company website called To take advantage of the facilities offered by the healthcare company, the users have to get registered on their website through the mobile application.

To log in using the website of the company, you need to follow the given steps below.

  • Open the website in the browser and sign in by entering your details.
  • Once you register and become a member of my hr kp services then you can make use of other facilities that allows you to contact the member service center of the company and you can discuss your queries for issues either by using phone, email, or online chat option. 
  • The contact centre can help you and allow you to have an appointment at your location physically in-person online appointments.
  • These services offered by the Kaiser Permanente network will help you to make use of the major health facilities offered. It can allow you to meet the doctors and discuss your health issues or to have an appointment with a doctor using video conference in the facility. 
  • The doctors can help you in understanding your health queries while consulting with the patients in video consultation sessions.
  • Once you are registered and logged in to the website, then you can make use of all the facilities provided to the patients regarding their health issues. 

Above-given steps will help you to make use of all the facilities of health care using my hr kp website.

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