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Does Field Force Management Software Spy On Your Employees?

Does Field Force Management Software Spy On Your Employees?

When working with a team of field executives, it is critical to know where they are in real-time using field force management software. Otherwise, how else will you track their output and reward them appropriately?

However, when we use the term “tracking”, the idea becomes bad since people believe that tracking is always a violation of employees’ privacy. While privacy is a major concern, it is crucial to highlight that not all tracking violates privacy.

Are you employing field force management software and your bosses suspect you’re snooping on them? Find out if employing workforce management software is managing your staff or spying on it in this post!

How Does Workforce Management Software Track?

The major function of workforce management software is to track executives’ locations in real-time. Isn’t it, however, perplexing to consider software tracking a vehicle in the absence of hardware?

It’s confusing for a purpose. Any software that collects data from automobiles requires hardware integration! It is simple to integrate field force management software because all you need are your executives’ cell phones with GPS settings. You’re good to go as long as your executives’ mobile phones are linked to GPS tracking software.

Because of the ease with which individuals may access mobile phones, tracking executives with field force management software is relatively straightforward.

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Is Privacy an Issue?

When personnel are on the field, some things must be tracked from the company’s end. Here are a few examples that should not be overlooked:

Evidence of task completion

  • Meeting updates
  • Employee supervision
  • Attendance records

While all of this is important to keep track of, there is one doubt that always causes problems. That is, why do businesses need to track employees’ real-time location? It is vital to emphasise that when employers track employees’ locations, they take away a lot of their breathing space.

There are a few things that businesses may do to make their employees feel safer. Let’s get into it in the following segment!

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How Do You Manage Without Spying?

Any good corporation understands how immoral it is to follow employees’ whereabouts when it is not necessary. This is a serious issue that does not occur if the company you work with adheres to rigorous ethical guidelines and uses the appropriate field force management software.

However, regardless matter how good a firm and its software are, here are a few techniques that companies should implement to make field force management more about management than spying:

  • Request Consent: TrackoField will not begin tracking an employee’s whereabouts until they have been granted permission to do so through their mobile phones.
  • Separate Office Devices: Your employees don’t want to be tracked outside of business hours, do they? Provide your field executives with office gadgets to avoid recording their personal information.
  • Revoke Agreement Option: TrackoField also provides the option to revoke consent to share geographical information at any moment.

Executives in the Track and Field Industry Ethically

We get – obtaining someone’s real-time movement information feels uncomfortable at first. However, when we think about it, it is a requirement.

You will not have any problems as long as you use powerful field force management software like TrackoField. After all, your executives will have complete control over when they are comfortable releasing tracking information! So, what are you waiting for? Get a TrackoField demo right now!