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Fuel Monitoring in Logistics and Transportation Industry
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GPS Tracking is Key to Efficient Fuel Monitoring in Logistics and Transportation Industry

Vehicle tracking involves much more than just monitoring the movement, speed and location of the vehicle. It has taken the shape of a comprehensive solution that involves Fuel Management too. It not only enables you to track the fleet but also manages it efficiently from one place.  

Not everything that glitters is gold. 

There are various Best Fleet Management software in the market that offer fuel monitoring, but they lack accuracy. TrackoBit is a B2B software that specialises in the accuracy of data and reports. 

Good GPS Tracking software will have you covered in case of fuel drainage and theft. It’ll also help you track the reason behind the overconsumption of fuel and the root cause of increasing fuel costs. Primary causes include:

  1. Rash Driving Behaviour of the drivers
  2. Paying less attention to service and maintenance of the vehicles
  3. Negligence from driver’s end in taking longer routes and causing delays
  4. How can we forge? Fuel theft and drainage!  

What to Expect From a Fuel Monitoring System

GPS Tracking technology has brought a paradigm shift in the Logistics and Transportation Industry. Discrepancies in Fuel estimates and consumption has been an age-old issue in the industry. Effective Fuel Monitoring has resolved the problem in the current age and time. 

Here are the benefits of investing in a good GPS Tracking software that enhances the fuel management of the fleet in logistics. 

  • Fuel Drainage Monitoring

If there is excess fuel consumption than expected, you can spot where exactly things are going wrong. It has an impact on the fleet’s overall performance. Mostly, the reasons are fuel theft or leakage due to unknown causes that can be monitored easily with help of such software. 

  • Improved and Accurate Readings

Earlier, things were managed manually, hence, the chances of miscalculation due to human error and negligence were quite high. The accuracy of data and fuel readings has improved a lot, ever since automation took over the AIS Logistics industry. It increased the return on investment for the companies. 

  • Live Update on Fuel Readings

You get real-time fuel updates with a graphical report. You can read and compare the data received to determine various factors, such as – consumption rate, the average of different vehicles and the behaviour of drivers.  

  • Detailed Reports 

You get detailed information on fuel usage for all vehicles. You receive elaborated reports for every trip – how much fuel consumed, when and where.

  • Get Notified in case of a Sudden Drop in Reading

You get an alert whenever there is an abrupt decrease in the reading to notify the theft attempt. This does not only ensure fuel safety but also positively impacts the overall efficiency of the fleet. 

These benefits of White Label GPS Tracking software make a huge difference in the logistic sector.

Source: GPS Tracking is Key to Efficient Fuel Monitoring in Logistics and Transportation Industry