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Dissertation Literature Review – by domyhomework123

Working with the scientific literature is a major part of the preparatory stage of work on the dissertation. Today there is a great variety in the literature sources and thematic sections. The correct method of successive acquaintance with the sources will help to navigate promptly and freely in the literature on the topic chosen by you.


Studying scientific literature is serious work that requires not only time, but also attention. Therefore, it is best to read an article or book with a pencil in hand, making excerpts. And if you have your own copy of a periodical or book, you can make notes in the margins, which will make it much easier to find the necessary materials in the future. Recommendations for Studying and Selecting Material:


Not all of the selected material you will use in your work, so a careful selection and evaluation is necessary.

You must be scientifically sound when selecting facts. DO NOT put facts aside just because they are difficult to explain or have practical application to your work.

The credibility of a scientific fact depends on the credibility of the primary sources, their intended purpose, and the characteristics of their information. Do not use journals or books that present dubious interpretations of your subject matter.

Selected material is carefully recorded. The forms of its registration are quite varied. At the same time with the registration of the collected material, you should keep its grouping, compare, compare the obtained numerical data, etc.