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5 Tools You Can Use for PhD Dissertation Writing

If you’re a PhD student and worried about completing your dissertation on time, then we’ve got you covered. We know how hard it can be to find the time to write your dissertation, especially when so many other responsibilities come with being a student. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of some best tools you can use to make your PhD dissertation writing easier. So whether you’re looking for a tool that will help you stay on track with your writing schedule or just want something that will help you with organisation and productivity. Check out this list of 5 smart tools we think will make all the difference!


You can come across many ideas, questions, and random thoughts during your PhD dissertation writing. PhD students always think about their dissertation, even if they are not doing anything related to it. If you are also a student of PhD, then you may have some brilliant ideas related to your thesis. But, the main issue is that you do not remember these ideas long enough to use them in your dissertation. You could get really frustrated trying to remember these ideas while writing your research.

To resolve this problem, you can use Evernote. Evernote is an online tool that you can use to record all your thoughts and ideas in real time. You can then access your ideas at any time you want. This tool can be used as an online notebook for your PhD research. You can write down your thoughts in it, make detailed notes on something or collect information from various websites online. The basic version of this tool is totally free. You can get a yearly subscription to get an advanced version of this tool.


Do you forget to do your important daily task? Then wanderlust is the best tool for you to help in your PhD dissertation writing. It is because PhD students have never-ending to-do lists. Thus, keeping everything in an organised manner can become very difficult. You can use this tool to track all the projects and assignments properly. You can plan all the tasks you will do for your dissertation. This tool can sync with all your digital devices. You can use this for work-related and personal tasks. Using this tool, you will not miss any important deadlines. The main advantage of this tool is that it can help you plan your PhD dissertation writing process. It will alert you to your tasks and helps you to cooperate with others. Because of these reasons, it is a perfect gadget for your dissertation.


It is important to note that you must read a lot of literature to write a perfect PhD dissertation. While doing your research, you will always find one more study, article, journal or book to read. It can be very challenging and time-consuming to keep track of the things you need to read. Without keeping track of these things, you can face difficulty while citing the sources in your dissertation. To resolve this issue, you can use many tools and programs made for students to manage citations. However, some of these tools are frustrating and not user-friendly for PhD students.

Mendeley is synced with other devices and is also cloud-based so that you can access your sources easily. It is also connected to Microsoft Word, Google Scholar and Dropbox. With this feature, you can use your research and citations easily. For PhD dissertation writing, references and citations with the correct format are crucial. Without proper referencing in your dissertation, your study will lose its credibility even if you provide the highest level of quality research. Mendeley will help you manage your references perfectly without any difficulty.


One of the most important things to focus on in PhD dissertation writing is ensuring that your writing is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. The spelling checker in Microsoft Word is not very good. It gives you many wrong suggestions and sometimes forgets to correct the spellings of even simple words. However, do not worry because, with the help of Grammarly, you can identify mistakes in your writing. This tool does not only check grammar and spelling in your writing. It can also identify complex issues in your writing, such as unclear sentence structure and inconsistent writing style. It also provides suggestions regarding ineffective vocabulary and overused words. You can make your writing tone more formal and academic by using this tool.

This tool is the best gadget to edit your PhD dissertation writing. It would be best to use this tool to remove all mistakes before submitting the draft for feedback. This way, your writing looks more academic and professional. Grammarly is highly versatile as it can integrate into chrome, google docs and word. There are both free and premium versions available of this tool. For a PhD dissertation, it is best to use the premium version as it can give you good-quality results.


PhD dissertation writing requires you to write many pages. Students often spend hours on a keyboard, which can be mentally and physically draining. However, you do need to write if you can speak the words you want to type. Thanks to Otter, you can do this now. This tool will allow you to convert audio into text format. You can write your ideas on paper quickly and easily without putting much physical and mental effort. But, it would help if you always double-check your work to ensure it is free from typos and other mistakes.


Using the above tools makes the task of PhD dissertation writing easy and efficient. You can now effectively check your work for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. With the help of these smart tools, referencing and citation in your dissertation have now become very easy. These tools will also be helpful for you in managing time and daily tasks related to your dissertation. If you are a PhD student, you must use these tools in your dissertation writing. However, if you are facing any issues in using the above tools, seek PhD dissertation help from a reliable company like The Academic Papers UK.