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How Certificate III In Bricklaying And Blocklaying Helps To Boost Your Construction Career?

How Certificate III In Bricklaying And Blocklaying Helps To Boost Your Construction Career?

There are best colleges in Australia that offer cert iii in bricklaying and blocklaying course. The overview of this course is that the industry of bricklaying and blocklaying adhere to responsibility to work in residential, commercial and industrial sectors which involves both new and existing constructions. The industry also affirms that proper training and assessment should be provided to all the students who are pursuing this course. Here, we will discuss some of the modules required in certificate 3 in bricklaying blocklaying course. These are as follows:

Modules Required To Study In Certificate III In Bricklaying And Blocklaying Are As Follows:

Handle And Prepare Bricklaying And Blocklaying Materials (CPCCBL2001*): 

In this module, the students can plant and use tools and equipment that are selected to carry out some tasks related to bricklaying and blocklaying and they should be consistent with job requirements. They will also check serviceability and other faults required to be corrected. Also, they will handle the characteristics and components and use safe and secure handling techniques needed. They can mix the equipment and then prepare and operate it according to the instructions of the manufacturers and workplace procedures. 

Use Bricklaying And Blocklaying Tools And Equipment (CPCCBL2002*): 

With this module, you can study about how to follow requirements for workplace safety and how documentation related to the environment takes place. They will also inspect some clamps, guides and other equipment that are used to hold and support materials required for operation for faults. They can also disconnect electrical equipment which is portable and put in a safe place when it is not used. Also, they need to clean the work area and dispose any materials for reuse or recycle adhering to the environmental and workplace requirements.

Carry Out Masonry Veneer Construction (CPCCBL3002*): 

For this module, the students will have to read and then interpret requirements used for construction in masonry veneer according to the plans used currently, specifications and codes. They have to also mark veneer walls, load brickwork which is beared and use corbelling. They need to do construction of veneer gable, and then have to do proper maintenance of gauge, plumb and straightness. Also, they should do good cleaning of brickwork or blockwork in order to remove unwanted mortar. They have to make sure that the tools and equipment are stored and secured as per the procedures of the workplace.

Carry Out Cavity Brick Construction (CPCCBL3003*): 

In this module, the students need to do reading, interpreting and then applying the requirements used in cavity brick construction needed from current plans, specifications and codes. They also have to set out the load bearing brickwork and window positions. They should understand how to locate and do installation of damp proofing used in constructing the floor for suspension. Also, they will learn to locate and build high door jambs which are standard and window frames into the walls used for cavity. They should clear the work area and dispose of materials used for recycling or reuse by following the environmental and workplace requirements.

Lay Masonry Walls And Corners (CPCCBL3005*): 

With this modules, the students will gain knowledge of how to do selection and keep check of the condition of plant, equipment and tools and also help in reporting damage or faults to the desired person. They should set out sized brickwork/blockwork by using the rod and also mixing mortar for quality and consistency.They should also need to understand how to store and make secure tools and equipment by following the procedures of the workplace and requirements used in the construction.

Lay Multi-Thickness Walls And Piers (CPCCBL3006*): 

With this module, the students should check the conformity of materials which are against the specifications and place out materials required in the preparation of the work. They have to do identification of brick bond from the plans and set out and mark the position of the brickwork on footing. They need to lay the piers which are isolated and square and climb to the height which is specified by maintaining gauge. With this, they have to learn how to clean their tools and equipment and also check serviceability of those equipment.


So, we can say that this carpentry course named certificate iii in bricklaying and blocklaying is very beneficial to do if the students are looking to pursue a career in carpentry. The above modules will help you to gain understanding and knowledge used in these carpentry courses. So, what are you waiting for, register yourself among the best colleges in Australia and have a wonderful career ahead in this industry.

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