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5 Working Solutions to Fix Random Reboots of Nextbox Extender

The name of Nextbox WiFi range extenders falls on the list of those devices that have outperformed when it comes to provide an internet connection at supersonic speeds. But, it does not mean that the device is not prone to any issue. Many users have complained that their extenders reboot constantly. In case you are also tired of the constant reboots of Nextbox WiFi extender walk through this post. Here, we’ve jotted down various points using which you will be able to prevent your range extender from rebooting by itself.

How to Fix Random Reboots of Nextbox Extender?

  • Ensure Proper Power Supply

The very first reason why your WiFi extender is rebooting constantly is that the wall socket into which you have plugged it is damaged. Know that a damaged socket is not capable of fulfilling the power requirements of any device. Therefore, get the current one repaired or make use of another one. However, the chosen one is supposed to share closeness with the main router. Just in case the wall socket used by you is all well, then there is a possibility that the power supply is insufficient from the backend. In that scenario, we recommend you opt for a UPS.

  • Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

Your Nextbox extender will reboot in a loop if you haven’t placed it at a proper distance from the main router. Perhaps, both devices are sitting in the two farthest corners of the house. To patch things up, consider bringing them closer. To be specific, place them within each other’s range. But, do not mistake this suggestion by making the distance zero. If you do so, then make yourself ready to get involved in combat with another extender-related issue. It is because there is a high possibility that the WiFi signals of your devices will clash as a result of zero distance.

  • Update the Firmware

Another reason why you are witnessing random restarts of your Nextbox WiFi device is an outdated firmware. It looks like you haven’t updated the firmware of your range extender for a long time. Know that if the extender’s firmware becomes outdated, then it can fall victim to other major issues. Random reboots are just the beginning. Therefore, what we suggest you do is upgrade the range extender’s firmware. The firmware update can be performed with the help of the re.nextbox.home web address. But, make sure that you are updating the firmware keeping in mind the model number of the extender. Otherwise, you’ll end up making your WiFi extender non-working.

  • Strengthen the Wired Connection

If the direct connection between your Nextbox extender and the main router is weak, then also you can experience random restarts. Therefore, your focus should be on strengthening it. For this, ensure that you’ve connected your devices with the help of a well-working Ethernet cable. Additionally, the connection is supposed to be finger-tight. You also need to be certain that the cable is connected to the correct ports of your devices and that none of the ports is dirty or non-working.

  • Avoid Overheating

Constant restarts of a Nextbox range extender can also be an outcome of excessive overheating. Perhaps, your range extender is overworking or is placed near direct heat sources. Therefore, we suggest you change the location of your extender. Additionally, consider giving it some rest. While relocating your Nextbox extender, make sure that you are not giving it space near EM waves emitting objects, reflexive surfaces, and objects containing a large amount of water. If possible, try to place your range extender in the central room of your house. However, it should be perfectly ventilated.

Sum Up

Witnessing random restarts of a Nextbox range extender is a common problem. Keeping the condition of the wall socket, the version of firmware, the state of the Ethernet cable, and the distance between your WiFi devices, you will be able to resolve the issue. However, if even after following the hacks mentioned above, you are unable to get the problem fixed, consider resetting the range extender to the default factory mode. It can be done by pushing the Reset button. But, do not forget to perform the Nextbox setup after that. The instructions mentioned in the user manual of the extender will help you with that.