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Weight Loss

10 Proven Weight Loss Strategies That Actually Work

Here are ten sure-fire dietary tips to ensure weight loss…

If statistics are to be believed; obesity is a big concern in the UK today with 1 in every 4 adults affected being obese. As a result, weight loss has become a rather discussed subject over the years. Whilst this has managed to create awareness about the health risks of being overweight; the conversation clearly still needs to be kept alive.

Given that obesity is still a big concern for the Brits; here are some expert-approved tips and tricks to ensure successful weight loss…

Invest thought in what you eat:

This one is the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle. It is important that you eat three healthy wholesome meals each day and avoid snacking on junk food. By investing though into your meals, you can ensure you make healthy decisions, consume important nutrients, practice portion and calorie control.


Orlistat is a drug that can assist you in losing weight if you are fat or overweight. Orlistat functions by impeding the gut’s enzymes that break down fats. The amount of fat you eat is blocked by orlistat by around a third. Your body does not absorb undigested fat, which is eliminated with your stools (faces). Three times a day, with each meal, one 120 mg capsule is taken. You do not need to eat a meal if it has no fat or if you miss one. You can Buy orlistat 120mg¬†from Pills corner to get treated for Weight Loss.

Have a high-protein breakfast:

This won’t be the first or the last time you will hear this but it is a fact, crucial to your weight loss journey – breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day! A wholesome, healthy breakfast will prevent you from reaching for unhealthy junk food through the day. Ensuring your breakfast is high in protein will ensure that you have all the energy you need to face your day ahead. Some good sources of protein that also make yummy breakfast are; eggs, cheese, milk, nut, seeds, beans and pulses.

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Exercise regularly:

When we say daily exercise, we do not mean sweating it out in the gym every day of the week. Simple lifestyle choices that keep you active like cycling, brisk walking or taking the stairs are all good ways to ensure you get enough physical activity on the days you aren’t sweating it out at the gym. Having said that, do try to get in workouts at least three days a week.

Stay hydrated:

This may seem like it is not relevant to weight loss but it is! Water helps flush out toxins from the body, regulates body temperature and aids metabolism. An average human being should aim to drink at least two liters of water each day.

Cut down on your alcohol intake:

Alcohol has more calories than you’d think and excessive drinking can be keeping you from losing weight. Alcohol can also interfere with the normal metabolic functions of your system which can prevent your body fat from burning.

Snack healthy:

It is both unfair and unrealistic to ask you to give up on snacks entirely. Every once in a while you are allowed to snack on if it helps you stay away from junk and unhealthy food.  It might help however, to swap those crisps and chips with healthier alternatives like fruit nuts, cranberries, dried fruits etc.

Maintain a healthy sleep cycle:

Studies have shown that people who do not get enough sleep are more prone to weight gain. This is so because lack of sleep can lead to stress, which leads to an increased appetite and that leads to lethargy and thus weight gain.

Read food labels for nutrition info:

Most people tend to miss this one out but checking food labels can help you keep a track of the sugar and calories you consume. Foods with higher sugar and calorie content are bound to cause weight gain so it is advised that you shop smart. The recommended calorie intake for women is 2000 calories and for men it is 2500 calories.

Consider weight loss pills:

Some people have a more difficult metabolic system than others. Which can make it difficult for them to lose weight, even with the lethal combination of diet and exercise. For people who have a BMI of over 30 or over 28 if you suffer from risk factors such as diabetes, you can opt for weight loss pills to lose weight.