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Why Nag Tibba is an excellent beginner’s trek!


The following are 10 motivations behind why Nag Tibba is viewed as truly outstanding and simple treks for amateurs


Simple Terrain:

The path is a simple one and doesn’t allow you to invest any careful energy to arrive at the top. When you arrive at the Pantwari town on the lower regions of Garhwal, which is the beginning stage of this trek, you won’t track down any precarious slants to move till the highest point. The way is smooth which makes it an ideal trekking experience for novices.

Complete The Trek In A Short Span Of Time:

Trekking is a tomfoolery experience whenever managed without extending yourself to an extreme. Nag Tibba trek can be finished in a little while. In the event that you are arranging an end of the week trip with some experience, this is the best one for you. You should start your excursion from Dehradun to Pantwari. Start your trek from Pantwari partaking in the stunning perspectives on the way appreciating which you will arrive at the Nag Tibba sanctuary.


A Trek Full Of Surprises And Satisfaction :

This trek brings a great deal of treats for you. From the wildernesses, lavish vegetation, excellent scenery you will immediately observe the snowfall and astonishing perspective on the snow covered mountains… The Nag Tibba Trek is an ideal area that has everything! You will be awed by how much excellence this spot embraces.


You Can Even Explore Mussoorie While Embarking On This Trek :

Explore the wonderful slope station Mussoorie en route to Nag Tibba. Mussoorie is a famous vacationer location that is set at the lower regions of Garhwal Himalayan Ranges. This spot is otherwise called the ‘Sovereign Of The Hills’. You can invest some energy in Mussoorie encountering the interesting climate and views of this spot prior to proceeding with your excursion till Nag Tibba.



Another explanation that makes this trek wonderful is the availability in transit. There are towns exceptionally close to this trekking point. In the event that you are a novice and feel that you can’t keep climbing, you can undoubtedly advance back to the town or regardless of whether you feel some sort of clinical issue then, at that point, assist with being given to you immediately.


Experience The Complete Himalayan Trek :

The Himalayan reaches are extremely wonderful and threatening. Assuming you have a desire to climb the Himalayan culmination however dread the long climbs and astonishing path, then, at that point, Nag Tibba Trek is the most effective way to fulfil your inclination. This is a short trek offering every one of the pleasant perspectives that you expect when you go for a Himalayan trek.


The Final View From The Summit :

The culmination is the principle fascination of any trek. You set forth all the energy of ascending till the top to become mixed up in the exciting perspective from the pinnacle. It is the most astounding inclination on the planet when you basically respect the gigantic magnificence of nature in absolute quietness, failing to remember all the turmoil of everyday life. What’s more, on this trek, you won’t require an excess of time or exercise to accomplish such a second. As the trek is short and simple, it will be a smooth encounter for you. This trek additionally has a strict importance as the way that you take is referenced in the strict books and the actual pinnacle is likewise of fanciful significance.


Wonderful Trek For All Seasons :

The Nag Tibba trek is one of the most outstanding treks that should be possible in all seasons. You can arrange for this trek at any end of the week at whatever point you need to divert yourself from the day by day daily practice. During winters, you will observe weighty snowfall and snow covering the way of your trek. The scene looks totally grand with snow under your feet and roosted on wonderful wilderness trees. In mid-year, a similar view is covered with splendid shaded blossoms and rhododendrons. Along these lines, it is one of those treks that you should visit in all seasons to encounter the various states of mind of this spot.


No Need To Go Through Extensive Fitness Routine :

Because of being a short trek, you simply need to prepare your body to essential wellness level before you start this excursion. There is no compelling reason to go through hard arrangements and a tedious wellness routine for the trek.


Entrancing Camping Site :

The camps are set up at the edge of the woods from where you can partake in a beautiful view. This makes the trekking experience a noteworthy one. From the campground, you can see the most lovely nightfall and the changing shade of sky. Nag Tibba camping area will in a flash be included in your rundown of top choices.