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Blue World City Islamabad

Why Is Blue World City The Most Reliable Real Estate Project?

Whether investors should invest in Blue World City has become a heated debate and has drawn public attention. Many people think Blue World City is not a legal project and that investments in this project are unsafe. Others are convinced of the opposite opinion and believe that it is the most reliable residential scheme and will offer the maximum return on investment in the future. After thoroughly considering all the reasons, I reckon that Blue World City is the most reliable residential and commercial project in Pakistan’s real estate market, and this article will discuss the same.

Blue World City Islamabad

First and foremost, we talk about Blue World City, a real estate commercial and residential project in the country’s capital city. It is the developmental project of Blue Group of Companies and is known as the most demanding project in Pakistan’s real estate market. Over time, the popularity of this project is increasing, and there are many reasons behind the increased popularity of this project. We will discuss all the reasons in the article below, so read the complete article.

Reasons behind the Popularity of This Society

There are many reasons behind the popularity and increase in demand for this residential housing society. A few of the reasons are as follows:

Owners & Developers


One of the most important reasons is the blue world city owners & developers. As we have mentioned, this project is under the supervision of the Blue Group of companies in a joint venture with the Imperium Group of companies. In addition, one of the great things about society is that a Chinese company develops it. The developers envision building a tourist city in the country, so they are introducing world-class tourist attractions into society.

Blue World City Location


The next reason is the location of the Blue World City. It is ideally located at the most prime location of the city on Adyala road near the major landmarks. Blue World City’s location is on Chakri Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is a mixed-use development that aims to provide residents with a modern lifestyle, including residential, commercial, and recreational facilities. The project is designed to be an autonomous community with all the necessary amenities and services within its boundaries, providing its residents with a convenient and comfortable living environment.

Legal Status

A NOC, or No Objection Certificate, is a document issued by a government authority that states that the authority has no objections to a proposed project. In the context of Blue World City, a NOC is likely a document issued by the relevant government authorities in Pakistan, certifying that the development of the housing project complies with the necessary regulations and standards.

It is important to note that the process of obtaining a NOC can be complex and time-consuming and often involves multiple government departments and agencies. Developers of BWC would have had to go through the proper channels and demonstrate that their project meets the necessary requirements in order to obtain Blue World City NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Feature and Tourist Attractions


One of the great reasons behind the development of Blue World City is the available facilities and amenities. There are many attractions in this housing society that you will not find anywhere else. Among these facilities and attractions, you can count on these:

  • Villaggio Mall
  • Torch Hotel
  • Largest Cricket Stadium
  • Blue Mosque Replica
  • Horse Mascots
  • Second Cup Coffee
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Mercury Towers

All these facilities and amenities are of the highest standards, and residents living in any block of society can enjoy these facilities and amenities.

Blue World City Payment Plan

If we talk about the blue world city payment plan, the developers have set the most reasonable prices. One can easily afford a plot in this society by paying installments and payments as there are various blocks in society such as general block, overseas block, Awami block, sports valley block, and many others. The prices of plots in these blocks are reasonable, and one can afford them according to their budget. So, if you have any plans to invest in Blue World City, you do not need to be worried about paying the lump sum amount. The management has set the installment plans that you can choose as monthly or quarterly.

Moreover, in the neighborhood, there is also one of the most demanding housing projects known as Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. This residential society is located in the vicinity of two major dams, which are the Jawa dam and the Khasala dam. So, you can also think of investing in this residential society.

Wrap Up

In the article, we have discussed why Blue World City is the most reliable project. We have mentioned all the reasons that make this housing society worth investing in. So, if you have made up your mind to invest in this project, you can consult with Sapphire Properties or any other real estate dealers and discuss your investment options.