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BBC News

What is BBC News?

BBC News is the operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is responsible for gathering, broadcasting, and publishing news in the UK. It also focuses on current affairs in the country. Among other things, it covers world news, politics, and the culture. Founded in 1890, it has been a part of British life for more than 100 years. Its newsroom employs more than 4,000 journalists who cover major events in the UK and across the globe.

eng technology

The BBC has been experimenting with ENG technology since the 1980s. Its first attempts at using ENG equipment involved a Philips colour camera with a backpack base station and separate portable Sony U-matic recorder. The BBC’s news programme, Newsnight, was due to launch on 23 January 1980 but was delayed by trade union disputes. It also saw the first female newsreader, Moira Stuart, debut as a presenter on the channel.

bbc’s editorial and management processes

The BBC’s editorial and management processes are a central part of its governance and a key element of BBC integrity. The BBC is a quasi-autonomous body authorised by a Royal Charter. The government does not appoint its director general or control its budget. The BBC is also obliged to report impartially, and has been criticised for political bias across the political spectrum. The BBC’s management must ensure that these guidelines are followed and that the BBC remains true to the values that the Royal Charter sets out for it.

re-launch of bbc one bulletins

In May 2006, the BBC re-launched the BBC One bulletins with new titles and a new set design, following the move of BBC Breakfast to the main studio. The new set featured Barco videowall screens with an image of London’s skyline. The image of cirrus clouds against a blue sky had been removed after viewer criticism. The studio was reminiscent of the ITN-produced ITV News studio, which was built using a CSO virtual studio. BBC World News Today was a new bulletin that focused on international news.

new look of bbc news

The new look of BBC News has been a hot topic in the media recently. The new studio boasts robotic cameras, curved catwalks and interactive screens. The new look is aimed at younger viewers, who are already used to accessing news through social media. But it is also expected to draw in traditional audiences. In order to appeal to younger viewers, the BBC must do more than simply reinvent its studio. There must be a solid business case for the new look.

controversies surrounding bbc news

The BBC is a major department of the corporation and a frequent subject of controversy. Despite its high profile, BBC news regularly receives complaints that the corporation is biased against centre-right politics. The BBC has been accused of bias against centre-right politics since the mid-1980s by people like Antony Jay, Justin Webb, and Rod Liddle. Other prominent critics of the BBC include Peter Sissons and Robin Aitken. 

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