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What Details Do I Need To Buy A Number Plate?

According to an investigation, DVLA-registered businesses are selling car license plates without performing the required checks. As a result, there have been instances where registered owners who had their cloned licence plates used in a crime were subject to fines or arrest.

What do you have to do to purchase a number plate? You may be asking, regardless of whether you’re getting ready to buy a new registration for yourself or as a present for a friend or relative. To make the process for New Reg simple and quick to purchase a number plate, it is important to consult the expert team. Basic sense, all you need to buy a number plate is a general idea of the registration type you’re looking for and the required amount of money. If you want to add some style to your car using number plates but also want those plates to be legal, then we would recommend that you try browsing 4D plates legal.

What Paperwork Do I Need to Purchase a Licence Plate?

A valid driver’s licence is not required to purchase a number plate. You don’t even need to be able to drive a car. If you’re trying to find a unique gift for a friend or member of your family, this can be good news for you. On a certificate of entitlement, private licence plates may be issued after purchase. Both the purchaser of the plate and the nominee for whom the registration will be used are listed on the document. When purchasing number plates as gifts, New Reg will have your plates created and even gift-wrapped for you.

Is a V5 Required to Purchase Licence Plates?

It is not necessary to have a V5C vehicle registration document, also known as a logbook, to purchase new licence plates. You will, however, when it’s time to pair the registration you buy with a vehicle. The DVLA allows you to assign a number plate to any vehicle you choose, either online or by mail, or if you buy your plate from us here at New Reg, we can take care of this for you.

When you’re prepared to allocate your plate number, the V5C registration document must be enclosed with your postal application. You will only require the information in the document to submit your application online, so be prepared and have it available before you start.

A new vehicle logbook will be mailed to you by mail to reflect your change in registration after your licence plate has been assigned. While assigning a number plate to a car is free, the DVLA charges £80 if you want to keep the old plate that was previously assigned to the vehicle. On a certificate of retention, the previous registration will then be listed. When you’re ready to receive your plate number, you must include the V5C registration document with your postal application. Only the information in the document will be needed to submit your application online, so be ready and have it handy before you begin.

Is A MOT Required To Change A Licence Plate On A Car?

If a car is involved in transferring a registration, it typically needs to have an up-to-date MOT certificate and be at least three years old. A current MOT certificate is required for both the vehicle whose licence plate is being removed and the recipient vehicle that will be using the plate if both are three years or older. These certificates, as well as any other pertinent paperwork like V5C logbooks, must be sent along with the documents if you’re removing and assigning a plate by mail. You must first confirm that both vehicles have current MOTs if you plan to submit your application online. With our help, you can transfer and assign licence plates, providing a seamless transition to your new, personalised registration.

Explanation of Illegal Licence Plates

The manufacture of cloned number plates by number plate manufacturers who fail to conduct the necessary checks could lead to fines or the registration holder’s arrest if the vehicle was used in a crime. A nasty surprise will be sent to the registered (and legitimate) owner of the licenced number plate, for instance, if this illegal driver speeds and receives a parking ticket.

Final Words:

All the important points discussed above regarding buying a number plate still need more information. A consultation with a professional will be more beneficial.