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What Can I Use in a Bedroom Instead of Curtains?

..If you want to dress up your windows timelessly while staying within your budget. And are bored with hanging curtains all the time, then think beyond this traditional style. You can opt for several options, and they can entice up your area casements beautifully. With that being said, here we brought you up with some innovative ideas to make your window frames look decorative. 

Bedroom windows demand to be covered while giving out a classy or luxurious look to enhance the entire decor statement.  In this article, you will find some suitable options for your bedroom windows through which you can make the interior look more stylish and glamorous. However, there are so many factors that you should consider when dressing up the windows uniquely. Thus, here, you will get to know some top ideas which are perfect to follow from every perspective. 

Top Alternatives Of Curtains For Your Bedroom Windows

You can go with any of the following ideas and elevate your space’s beauty lavishly. These are recommended by the designers, as well, so your place will be much more adorable, for sure, when you treat your bedroom windows considering the following suggestions. Also, the best window dressings fulfill every requirement of you and your area, so it is important to consider your interior style before making any decision. 

1. Consider The Fitting Of Roman Blinds

As an alternative to window, roman blinds are the perfect coverings to opt for if you want to create a relaxed environment. They come up in a versatile range to match the theme of your area decor. Roman Shades can fantastically control the sunlight and offer you complete privacy, thus making themselves an ideal choice. 

They get manufactured with a soft and smooth fabric. And you can get your hands on some most adorable window blinds accordingly. These roman blinds are meant for bedroom windows, and most homeowners are likely to buy them because of their attractive appearance and excellent functionality. 

2. Blackout Shade Can Be A Perfect Option

One of the best options in the entire list of window curtains alternatives is blackout shades. If you want an environment where you can get a peaceful sleep with no disturbance. These shades eliminate the natural light from your room while elevating the entire interior beauty of your space. 

These amazing shades look similar to the blinds but differ in fabric. Their fabric is softer than blinds, providing an extra texture, thus giving your bedroom interior a perfect uplift. Blackout shades are meant to provide you with complete privacy blocking the entire view from the outside and creating a cozier environment within your bedroom. 

3. Go For The Window Drapery Panels

Similar to the curtains, these drapery panels can be a good choice for your bedroom. The difference between curtains and drapes is that they are made of heavy fabric than curtains. And give out a more luxurious look. They are popular for being more practical than curtains in terms of offering privacy and control over natural light. 

These panels come up in an extensive range so that you can make an ideal choice and add a brilliant worth to your property. You can accessorize them to make your windows a focal point of attention. They are more expensive than simple curtains because of their appealing texture but can upgrade the interior of your room amazingly while providing you with a perfect sleeping environment. 

4. Install A Frosted Glass In Your Windows

Installation of frosted glass over your bedroom casements is also an ideal choice, as they will add a perfect touch of uniqueness while elevating the level of your space with their glamour. This frosted glass is partially translucent, thus allowing some light to enter your room so that the area could look spacious while blocking the view from outside, thus providing you with seclusion. 

This can give an attractive look and make your window the eye-catching elements in your entire room ornamentation. These functional frosted glasses will be a unique decorative element, creating a sophisticated appearance for your place. 

5. Dress Up The Window By Hangings Beads

Last but not least, you can hang these beds over your window glass panels for a more enhanced look in your bedroom. You can DIY some beautiful beads into the form of curtains. And get them hung in your windows by fastening them with an adorable curtains rod installed above the window head. 

That way, your bedroom window will transform into the perfect decorative elements while allowing a lot of filtered light to enter your room, creating a breezy environment. This is the most cost-effective that can be followed up as an alternative to window curtains. 

To Curl Up!

In the end, opt for these objectives that are cool enough to enhance the entire ornamentation of your space while also adding a personality. All of these ideas given in this article are professionally suggested. And following these motives does not mean that you are only going to emphasize the decor statement of your area. Still, also they will add practicality to the space while creating a comfortable environment in your bedroom.