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Top-Ranking Apps to Learn Language for 2023

It can be difficult for anyone to learn a new language. Also, not everyone has time to attend classes in their busy schedules or the money to pay for a private tutor. However, the time we are living has given us an opportunity to get everything at our fingertips. Similarly, there is a wealth of great language-learning apps that are designed to help users in building vocabulary, make their grammar strong, and eventually helps them to become a fluent speaker. The app allows you to study engaging, easily digestible lessons with comforts like sitting at home and using your smartphone or laptop. 

There are thousands of language learning apps available on the play store to choose from that best suits your learning style and schedule. Though language learning apps are highly economical, especially when compared with formal schooling or teaching with the best language experts. Many have dialogue recognition, which is the key to making sure you have proper pronunciation. Some of the apps offer several language options, which is perfect when you want to pick up multiple languages. 

Let’s look below to know the best language-learning applications that make it easy for you to learn a language at your own pace. Learning from these language apps will sound like a native speaker in no time. 

Duolingo is the best language-learning app with an enjoyable and engaging interface. It allows the users to play short games-like exercises. At the platform, you are not really restricted to any specific language and can practice Spanish, German, and many other languages. In the app, the user can get access to resources such as Duolingo creative stories, which are basically short audio stories and enable you to check your comprehension skills as you go. If anyone thinks to develop app like Duolingo, they need to have a user-friendly layout and full of streak features that keep the users connected with the platform. 

  • Babbel

Babble is to be ranked as another app for learning a language. The app is educating its users with a foreign language course that you might see in an online school curriculum. The simple layout of the app helps you to get knowledge of a new language without getting bored. Each lesson in the app is divided into different terms to make the learning process easier. It takes you through translation, includes variations of the word or phrases, and includes a picture to describe more clearly. 

At the Babbel app, you also have a chance to see the new words you are discovering in the context, listen to them if you have audio enabled, repeat the phrases, and know more about the verb groups. The 15-minute language lessons are designed to make you learn the language even during work times, lunch breaks, and before going to bed

  • Drops 

If you wish to learn Greek, Drops is the best app to sign in. The app’s fun, colorful layout definitely made the users learn the language without being scary. The app displays users each word in the Greek alphabet and the English alphabet, which makes it simple for them to learn. The Drops app’s users are also allowed to pronounce the word and look at the image of it. Although, in recent updates, the app has added more new languages, such as Ainu, an indigenous Japanese language. 

  • Mondly

Similar to Drops, Mondly is an enjoyable and colorful app that has multiple features to take benefit from if you did not pay for the premium ones. The app helps you to get different conjunctions on each verb. The Mondly brought packs of images, translations, and auditory to provide you with a specific learning style. An instructor or language expert in the app speaks the words and phrases in a pleasant sound that makes it easier for the learner to catch the word and learn the language conveniently. 

  • Memrise 

Memrise goes beyond to the vocabulary words, hear the sentences clearly and practice tests to assist visitors understand real life examples. More over memrise feature “learn with locals” enable the users in the videos to understand the real world situation with native speakers. This makes it possible to comprehend words, phrases, and sentences spoken by individuals with genuine accents rather than speakers with dry or impartial accents. In particular with respect, the Pronunciation Mode aims to assess your own conversational skills. The good thing about the app is that there are 23 languages to choose from with a free tier.


This wraps up with the five best language learning apps on the web. You have no reason to find a tutor and spend money when there is a collection of apps in your hand. Even the issue of cost isn’t a big factor since many of these apps provide free courses to learn. The apps selected above come with an original touch on language learning and adopts a different teaching style.