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WNEP began in the early 1950s as two small independent television stations. In 1962, it moved from third to second place in the half-hour local news. The move signaled the station’s expansion into Northeastern Pennsylvania. In 1964, Taft Broadcasting purchased the station from Transcontinental. By the end of the decade, WNEP had grown to employ more than 120 people. While it’s not entirely clear when WNEP 16 began, the company’s success boosted its ratings and drew the attention of President Ronald Reagan.

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WNEP-TV 16 is a local television station in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This local news station is a member of the ABC affiliate network. The network also operates a secondary service, WNEP 2, which is a 24-hour television station in Scranton. WNEP airs local and Antenna TV programming on this channel. In November 1976, WNEP rose to number one in the ratings. WNEP briefly fell to number two, but came back in 1978. WNEP also aired the Pennsylvania Lottery drawing live seven nights a week. Powerball and Mega Millions drawings are also broadcast live.

WNEP-TV 16 skook has a long history of covering Pennsylvania events and breaking news. Until recently, it had no in-house news department, so Fox requested that it produce a local newscast. In 1991, the WNEP-TV 16 newscast debuted on WOLF-TV at 10 p.m., and the show was called “Newswatch 16 at 10 on Fox 38.” The newscast was later moved to channel 56 as Fox changed affiliation. It was produced at the station’s studios and aired a secondary set.

In Scranton, WNEP-TV 16 provides news and entertainment for the greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. The station’s name is listed in The Free Dictionary, the world’s largest dictionary. WNEP-TV 16 is a local ABC affiliate. It is part of the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania, with headquarters at 425 Alder Street. 

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