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DIY Hacks You Should Know Before Hiring Superior Air Management

If you are a homeowner, you must be looking for amazing hacks for controlling the high amounts on energy bills, right? If yes, you should try some DIY HVAC hacks at your home to get rid of this issue. The hacks will start from cleaning the HVAC to its proper use. Besides, the internet is full of such hacks where you can find how HVAC contractors in Athens, GA repair the HVAC system. 

All you need to know is the use of the right equipment and techniques for using it. Therefore, this blog post will review some most important and highly beneficial DIY HVAC hacks that will save your money and you’ll get the chance to make your HVAC system amazing for getting the heating and cooling systems. 

Important and Affordable DIY HVAC Hacks By HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA

If you are feeling something wrong with your HVAC air filter and you are getting the exact signs of the damaged air filter, you can follow these steps and you don’t need to call or hire hvac repair company athens ga for this procedure. 

  1. Find the air filter in the HVAC system and this is one of the most important steps because you have to look for the large rectangular panel on the slightest side of the furnace. 
  2. Now, try to pry off the panel just to get access to the filter. But you have to be very careful about the damage to the panel. The panel on the other side, made of the fragile material for example, sheet metal. 
  3. Then, remove the old filter and try to dispose of it properly. There are many filters which are washable and you can reuse them very easily. But people often throw away the old air filters. 
  4. The next step is very important but easy because all you have to do is to insert the new filter into the furnace very carefully. Try to ensure that you have inserted the air filter correctly without making any mistake. 
  5. Now, at the end, you can replace the panel and ensure that it is in the right position or place. 

Clean the Vents Professionally. 

Just suppose, you have a central air and heating system and your vents are placed on the home’s ceiling, floor, or walls. So, for cleaning purpose of the ventilation system, you need these few supplies: 

  • Screwdriver
  • A vacuum cleaner with fine brush attachments
  • A detergent with good quality. 
  • Soft cloth


  1. First, you can grab the screwdriver to remove the vent’s cover. You don’t need to hire any company like Superior Air Management for this purpose. 
  2. Now, use the vacuum for removing the dust or debris which usually accumulates in the vents. After performing the cleaning process, you must review the cleaned area many times to make sure that you have removed everything. 
  3. After that, you can mix a very small amount of detergent with warm water in a small bowl or container. Now use this mixture to clean the vents with the soft cloth.
  4. Now, let’s head toward the last step where you can replace the vent’s cover and set them back into their place. See you have completed this DIY step as HVAC contractors in Athens, GA perform.

Should I Make the Cleaning Schedule for the HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system is the most important part of your home and without it, you can’t imagine your life with a peaceful environment. It is good to keep your HVAC system clean on a regular basis without any delay. Besides, the experts at the Athens ga hvac companies advise their customers to claim that cleaning the HVAC system can maintain its functionality and if you make a regular maintenance schedule, the system will work efficiently without any problem. Also, this is the best way to save your money to spend on costly repairs or maintenance. You can follow these steps for creating the best DIY HVAC maintenance schedule:  

  1. You can inspect the air filter of the HVAC system monthly and you can also change the filter if necessary. 
  2. The more you’ll use the dirty air filter, the more you’ll face the hurdles for getting the best airflow in your room. It will also affect the HVAC system’s functionality and your system will work hard. Not only this, but you can also get high energy bills and premature wear and tears. 
  3. Also, cleaning the coils and draining it monthly is another big task where you should not compromise at all. The heavy dust and debris on the coil can affect the system’s functionality and it will stop working efficiently. But if you clean the coils regularly, it will work smoothly and efficiently. 
  4. If still, you don’t have time to perform this important task, you can hire the experts like 24 hour hvac Athens, GA who can help you in running your HVAC system smoothly. 

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