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10 Best Resorts In Bangalore For That Perfect Weekend


In this Article, we’re gonna talk about Bangalore and best resorts near Bangalore

Guhantara Resort:

Out of all the amazing places that you can visit, Guhantara is sure to delight even the pickiest travelers. Take a trip down memory lane, relive your childhood dreams, or just spend time with someone special to you. Either way, this is an experience you’ll never forget. Guhantara is a beautiful place that is full of magic and wonder. There are many things to see and do, so you’ll never be bored while visiting.

There are so many things that you can do in Guhantara. You can go on rides, play games, and even eat delicious food. There are also a number of shows that you can watch while visiting the park.


Jain Farm:

Jain Farm is a resort and eco-friendly farm in Bangalore. It has everything that you need to enjoy your time in the city, whether you are looking to relax, rejuvenate, or explore. Jain Farm has farms, resorts, and a zoo, which provides an opportunity for learning about the natural environment in a fun way. This is also an ideal place for family vacations as it has activities for both adults and children.

With a stay at the Jain Farm Resort in Bangalore, you can enjoy luxury and comfort while enjoying the beautiful nature. It provides the perfect balance between enjoyment and relaxation with its spa dining hall, swimming pool, and more. The best thing to do at this resort is to take walks along the beautiful paths surrounding it.


Vana Resort:

The Vana Resort is located in the heart of Bangalore and provides all the luxury that any city dweller could ask for. Vana Resort is a top resort in Bangalore. It has a dedicated team of staff to cater to the needs of its guests. Vana resort offers a stunning view of the vast Deccan Plateau and the Nallamala Hills. It has been ranked among Asia’s best hotels by Forbes Traveler India. The resort also offers trekking tours to the nearby hills for people who wish to explore nature up close.


Eagleton Golf Resort:

Eagleton Golf Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Bangalore. It has that perfect balance between land and water views. Eagleton Golf Resort is a golf club and spa in Bangalore, India. It was also rated as the world’s best golf resort for the year 2018 by Golf Digest magazine. also has facilities for hosting corporate events, weddings, and other private events with catering services from their own restaurant, as well as a swimming pool and tennis courts.


Chairman’s Jade Club Resort:

The Chairman’s Jade Club Resort is a sprawling resort with a traditional layout. The resort includes outdoor activities and indoor entertainment such as table tennis, billiards, badminton, and more. Although some of their rooms leave much to be desired, the overall experience is one of peace and relaxation. The food is well-prepared, the staff is attentive, and it’s not too far from Bangalore’s sights and sounds.


Royal Orchid Resort:

Royal Orchid Resorts is located in Bangalore, on Bannerghatta Road. They are where you can enjoy the natural beauty and exquisite service that India offers. Royal Orchid, with its 20-year history of hospitality, is the best resort in Bangalore. The resort is set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and also features a swimming pool, tennis court, and spa to help you relax after a long day’s sightseeing around the city or business trip.


Mango Mist Resort:

Visiting the Mango Mist Resort is a fantastic option for people looking for the ideal experience in Bangalore. Not only does it offer a variety of possibilities, but families can also have some quality time together without having any more inquiries or concerns. It has a variety of athletic and adventurous pursuits. Spa Fish includes an on-site, multi-cuisine restaurant. Organize family reunions. 25 k.m. separate you from Bangalore.


Olde Bangalore Resort:

Another well-liked family resort in Bangalore that both children and adults will enjoy visiting is the Olde Bangalore Resort. The resort features a sizable pool in addition to several other opulent activities that guests can choose from. have a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops in the resort. There are many things to do.


Jaladhama Resort:

The Jaladhama Resort, 6 kilometers from Bangalore, has been offering top-notch services and hospitality for almost 30 years, although you wouldn’t even think to expect it. It has a variety of athletic and adventurous pursuits. a lovely setting for nature walls. no-cost parking for cruising rivers and using boats.

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