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When compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, vape has the advantage of allowing the user to customise the nicotine content. Many vapers don’t see the use in trying nicotine-free e-cigarettes, but there are good arguments for doing so.

Many former smokers switch to e-cigarettes with the goal of quitting nicotine altogether. Some former smokers have found success by switching immediately to nicotine-free vapes, finding comfort in the hand-to-mouth motion without the added temptation of nicotine.

Listed below are just a few arguments in favour of using one of the top nicotine-free vape pens in the UK.

More choices are available to you when you use nicotine-free vape pens.

Nicotine-free alternatives are also considered “vaping.” Once you get over the concept that vapes are only meant to deliver a nicotine hit, you’ll open up a world of possibilities, from CBD to botanicals and herbs.

E-cigarette liquids without nicotine have a more refined flavour.

Vaping naturally imparts a sensual experience due to the presence of nicotine. The sensation is all across your body, from your throat to your brain. A thumping sensation sets in, which is absent when using e-liquids without nicotine. Nicotine-free vaping, on the other hand, lets you take pleasure in the same warmth, flavour, and clouds without the nicotine’s tic or irritation. However, some vapours simply cannot fathom inhaling without that familiar thump, so no-nicotine vaping may not be for everyone.

Enjoying a sweet treat is now guilt-free thanks to nicotine-free vape disposables.

Quite a few vapers, you might be surprised to find, utilise their vapes to satisfy their cravings for sweets. As a result of boredom, many people make the poor choice to munch on sugary snacks, which can have serious consequences for their health. Vaping isn’t healthy, but it beats mindless munching every time. With no nicotine present, vaping sugary flavours could be a healthier alternative for people who have a persistent want for something sweet.

To take a break from nicotine without giving up vaping, try switching to nicotine-free e-liquids.

Even for seasoned vapers, navigating the vaping landscape can provide some unique challenges. Especially important is knowing how much nicotine your body can handle; too much nicotine can cause nausea, lethargy, dizziness, and other unpleasant sensations in vapers. But even if you feel terrible, you could still want to smoke a cigarette. Consequently, nicotine-free vapes provide a wonderful option for easing cravings without the negative side effects of traditional tobacco products.

Non-nicotine irradiant cigarettes do not cause addiction.

Nicotine is what makes people dependent; without it, they wouldn’t have the same compulsive need to smoke. Despite this, the law requires that any e-liquid that contains nicotine or tobacco be labelled as such. However, this is not true because nicotine is actually found in vapes. Like decaf coffee, nicotine in no-nicotine e-liquid isn’t eliminated; rather, it’s never introduced.

Freedom from toxicity is possible with the help of nicotine-free vaporizers.

A nicotine-free vape is typically constructed with non-toxic food-grade components. Vape goods should still be kept out of the reach of children and dogs. Although nicotine-free remedies aren’t inherently dangerous, they still aren’t without risk.

Dispergo vaping now offers non-nicotine solutions

Some of the best nicotine-free e-cigarette options can be found at Dispergo Vaping. We supply nicotine-free e-liquid in the form of shortfills. The great thing about shortfill juice is that you may adjust the level of nicotine in your vaping solution to your liking. Shortfills are e-liquids that aren’t filled all the way to the top of the bottle, so that extra space can be left for adding nicotine. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to add nicotine shots, you can still enjoy the delicious flavours that Dispergo provides.

You can find nicotine-free alternatives at DISPERGO VAPING.

Dispergo Vaping has you covered with the best nicotine-free disposable vapes and the most flavorful nicotine-free e-liquids in the UK. Check out our inventory online or in person at our shop in Oxford. Just as we’re pleased to answer any questions you may have, you can always reach us through the contact page if you need any further assistance.

We hope to hear from you soon so that we can accelerate your efforts to quit nicotine. Our primary goal is, after all, to facilitate our clientele’s pursuit of a more healthy lifestyle.