The Tech What

The Tech What


With the ever-increasing demand of customers, it has become essential for businesses to embrace technology advancements. Businesses are striving hard to improve their bottom line by developing digital products and mobile applications to stand out in the competitive market. More and more entrepreneurs and established corporations are investing in application development to develop feature-rich apps for their target audience.

The goal of building apps is to deliver out-of-the-box customer experience and grow your business. Mobile app development is a time-consuming task that requires effort, resources and obviously, budget. Thanks to no code development platforms, making it easier for small businesses to design and develop mobile apps in no time.

If you are thinking of developing a mobile app or hiring a team of mobile app development Dubai team, here are some benefits of choosing no code development platform. Understanding how no code development platforms work will help you make the right decision for your development project.

So, let’s begin

What is No Code Development?

No-code is a software development approach that needs no programming skills to build a high-performance application. People who understand their business requirements but don’t have commands on programming languages can use a no-code development approach for building a business app, website, or software.

Many professional app developers and mobile app development companies are also harnessing the power of no-code development for rapid application development. According to Gartner, low code development technologies market to grow 23% in 2021 and have generated revenue of $13.8 billion in 2021.

Benefits of Choosing No Code Development

Make Development Easier

With no-code development, you can create web applications and mobile apps with ease. No-code development platforms are easy-to-use, the intuitive dashboard allows non-programmers to create complex applications with no coding knowledge. All you need is to choose features for your app from a number of advanced features and functionalities available in the platform. You can make instant changes and customize the app based on your customers’ requirements and business USP. Furthermore, you can also check how your app will look in real-time.  

Highly Affordable

No-code development is a highly affordable solution, allowing startups, SMBs and developers to create their own application without paying thousands of dollars. However, many large businesses prefer to invest in a mobile app development Dubai agency, as it provides them with a custom development solution and highly advanced features to meet their customers’ requirements.

No-code development platforms allow you to get a high-quality, robust application on budget. Many small businesses lack the right talents and resources and can’t afford to hire app developers. Whether you are a startup, small business or mid-sized company, any business can use no-code app development platforms to build a successful app.  

Speed up the Development Process

It is one of the main reasons why no code is a preferred choice for your development projects. When it comes to custom mobile app development, it takes a few weeks and, in some cases, months and years to develop a feature-packed application. However, with no-code development platforms, you can build a business solution 10X faster than a traditional development process. Simply, come up with a killer mobile app idea and no-code development platform will allow you to launch the app fast.

Good Choice for Non-Technical Users

Since no code development doesn’t require any coding and technical knowledge, making it easier for entrepreneurs and non-tech people to start their software development project. With the help of pre-built templates, non-programmers can easily develop your software or mobile application.

No Training Needed

No-code development platforms are easy-to-use, the drag and drop editor and simple application components make the user interface super simple for the users. There is no need to learn programming skills to operate a no-code development platform.

Maintenance is Quick

For many app developers, maintenance is a quite intimidating and time-consuming task as it involves many complex steps. Fortunately, with no-code development, app maintenance has become easier. You don’t need a programmer to update the app and integrate more advanced features.

Easy to Update

It is one of the main reasons to choose no-code development for your application development project. It’s no secret that software applications require constant changes. You need to add advanced features, remove bugs, and change the design to keep the app functional and stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to the no-code development platforms, it allows users to easily update the app and deploy changes at a faster rate.

What Type of Apps You Can Build with No Code Development?

No code development approach can be used to develop a variety of applications, including, mobile apps, web apps, website builders, back office apps, workflow management, business process automation and management, backend automation, internal communication apps, integration apps – to name a few.

No Code Development Platforms

According to a Gartner study, approximately 80% of non-tech professionals will be using low-code no-code development tools for building technology products by 2024. There are many no-code development platforms available with customization features, intuitive interface, and code modification capabilities.

  •         Airtable
  •         Appy Pie
  •         ServiceNow App Engine
  •         Glide
  •         Quixy
  •         Softr
  •         AppSheet
  •         Landbot
  •         Quickbase
  •         Kissflow

Are You Ready to Choose No Code Development for Your Project?

Application development requires much cost, time, and resources. With no-code development platforms, there is no need to worry about these constraints and kickstart your development project in no time. No code development approach saves you time and involves less risk. Discovering the best no-code application development platform and understanding how it can fulfill your business needs is the key to transform your application development process.