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Do You Have a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate in Birmingham in 2023?

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, as electrical contractors located in Birmingham and surrounding areas, the CLS team is involved in many things with local landlords to ensure that the property rented is secure from the electrical standpoint. We have observed that landlords are aware of the significance of electrical safety regulation but aren’t sure about the steps to take. This blog offers a brief guide to tenants about the need for electrical safety inspections, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

What Is An Electrical Safety Certificate?

A certificate of electrical safety provides evidence that landlords have taken the necessary steps to have their electrical system in their rental property examined by a “qualified” individual (accredited electrician) every 5 years on a regular basis. The inspection should include:

Visual examination of the fuse box and wiring

Recognition as part of RCD safety device

Examining for circuit overloads

Determination of electrically defective work

Alerts on the dangers of electric shocks and fire dangers

The inspection will result in an inspection report that includes recommendations when required. After the inspection is completed and the report is approved, an Electrical Safety Certificate can be issued.

What is the Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate A Legal Requirement in UK?

The law requires landlords in order to make sure that the home is secure for tenants to rent. When the house is classified as classified as an HMO (House with Multiple Occupation) the landlord is legally obliged to conduct a regular inspection every five years. If it’s a single-tenancy there’s no legal requirement but periodic inspections are an essential aspect of the landlord’s responsibility. It’s also worth noting that the record of maintenance on electrical equipment will help to maintain your investment in the home stable, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

Carry Out A Rented Home Electrical Inspection in 2023?

Regular testing of rental properties is required by NICEIC certified electricians. Their task is to test the electrical system within the rental property in relation to the UK standards for electrical installations. This is BS7671, which regulates the security of electrical wiring infrastructure, as well as portable appliances.

Only electricians with a valid license are able be awarded certifications in relation the Landlord Electrical Safety.

Ongoing Electrical Maintenance for Landlords:

While the five-year periodic inspection is a landmark in terms of electrical regulations, routine inspections are also highly advised. Contract Labor Solutions provide maintenance contracts that are specifically tailored to each property’s specific needs.

A maintenance contract will cover periodic inspection of the property however, it will also provide for:

Inspections between Tenancies. Examining the electrical system between the expiration of one agreement and the start of the next will give peace of mind to landlords. We will determine whether there is issues with the wiring in the electrical system or if repairs are required.

PAT Testing. If landlords supply portable appliances to the use of tenants, there is the expectation that they are kept in a good condition and unlikely to pose risk or danger to tenants. The CLS team performs annual PAT tests for all rental appliances.

Emergency Call Out. If there’s any issue that must be addressed promptly, we offer emergency call-outs within our maintenance agreements. This ensures that a trained electrician will be on site quickly to diagnose the issue and give a fast solution.

Contract Labor Solutions Provides a Reliable Service for Landlords:

Landlords are often busy, and we’ve discovered that an extensive maintenance agreement for electrical systems is an essential service that they appreciate. We’ll monitor the scheduling annually and five-yearly inspections, and perform regular repairs when needed. As a local electrical contractor we’re there to assist Birmingham landlords whenever they need us.