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Indian wedding attire for plus-size brides. 


There’s a saying which goes on like this, “It’s easier said than done”. So what does it mean? According to the saying, it’s easy for people to talk about a particular task. But when it comes to doing that particular task it is not as easy as discussing it. In short, there’s a difference between deciding something and implementing it. And this is something each and everyone has experienced in their lives. Hence no one will deny it! Isn’t it? There are many instances in life where this saying was proved true.

Among the many instances, one instance is about choosing to live life according to one’s terms. Society has some set of rules. If a person tries to go against these rules then he faces resistance from society. That is when he decides that whatever the case he will not stop living life according to his terms just because it’s not what society expects from him. No matter how many times he has to fight societal norms, he keeps on fighting.

And in the end, he wins the battle! He gets to live the life of his dream!! So, the point is everyone dreams to have a life like him. But when it comes to bashing societal forms, they fail miserably. And thus society wins! Be it, men or women, everyone has to fight against society. But it’s the women in particular who have to be strong enough to break the glass ceilings. Because if they fear then they will never be able to make their dreams into reality. And thus women will be forced to live a life full of regrets. Since time immemorial women have been the victim of body shaming if their bodies don’t meet societal criteria.

According to society, a woman is said to have a perfect body when she is tall and slim. And she is said to have perfect skin only when she is fair. Whereas a woman who is short and plus-size is always looked down upon. And if she is dark-skinned then she is seen as if she doesn’t belong to this society. Society has always been unfair to women. In short, if a woman doesn’t fall into the category set by society then she has to face all the insults and humiliation. But the suffering a plus-size woman goes through is beyond words!

A plus-size woman doesn’t have to only face the brunt of society but her family as well. She is always reminded that her body is not normal. She is always advised to lose some weight. Not just that her family doesn’t give her the freedom to eat the food of her choice. The reason being they fear that she gains more weight. What if she remains unmarried forever? What if no man chooses her? These questions haunt her parents’ minds every time. And thus a plus-size woman becomes the victim of society’s beauty norms. Suppose a plus-size woman’s marriage got fixed and her to-be husband is handsome and tall then society will tag her as a lucky woman. Every time she will be reminded of her good luck. Not just that, her relatives will also suggest she lose some kilos so that she looks beautiful on her wedding day.

How to get confident about your body shape and size?

Among the many plus-size women who live their lives according to society, there are a handful of plus-size women who decide to break these norms. But when it comes to implementing it they lose. The reason being their fear becomes more powerful than their decision to break the glass ceilings. But now things are changing. With changing times, plus-size women are winning over their fears. They are now doing what they like. Instead of thinking what society will say or their relatives will say plus size women are loving their bodies. Plus-size women are embracing their body size.

Gone are the days when they used to do everything to lose some kilos before their weddings!, the days when they used to wear something that would hide their body size! Gone are the days when bridal fashion was not meant for them! And gone are the days when there were only a few options available to wear at their weddings! Today plus size women have many wedding attire options. All thanks to the Indian Wedding attire! Plus-size women think that Indian Wedding attire is all about sarees and lehengas. But it’s a complete myth!

Because there are many more options available for plus-size brides besides sarees or lehengas!! Plus-size women suffer when it comes to buying a wide variety of wedding attires because markets are filled with wedding attires only for perfect body type women. Whereas markets don’t have anything for plus size women except the extra fabric put on the wedding attires made for the perfect body type women. What if it is said there’s an online shopping platform that is inclusive enough? What if it is said that there’s an online shopping platform that has made available several wedding attires for plus-size brides?

AW Bridal has made available luxurious plus-size bridal attires. Women can check out the AW Bridal website and buy at affordable rates using AW Bridal deals. They should not waste a single minute! Otherwise, they would miss out on a golden opportunity. But what’s the golden opportunity that is being talked about? It is the AW Bridal sale which is in full swing!! And opportunities like this don’t come again and again. Hence plus-size women should do some AW Bridal shopping this season. Read on to know the different types of Indian wedding attires for plus-size brides: 

  • Lehenga Choli:

Lehenga choli is the most popular option when it comes to choosing an Indian wedding attire. Lehenga choli is for everyone! Be it slim body type women or a woman of plus size. Plus-size women who don’t want to lose some extra kilos but want to embrace their body size should go for a lehenga choli at their wedding. But when it comes to choosing a lehenga for themselves, plus-size women should go for a straight-cut lehenga. The reason to buy a straight-cut lehenga is that it begins from the waist.

But if she chooses another type of lehenga then it will add volume to the middle section of her body. Whereas going for a straight-cut lehenga will save her from that extra volume. In short, straight-cut lehengas are specially designed for plus-size women so that they can flaunt their real bodies. AW Bridal houses some amazing plus-size wedding attires. Women can buy those at bank-balanced rates using AW Bridal promo codes. 

  • A jacket-style blouse and a saree:

Nothing like a saree when it comes to Indian wedding attire! Saree remains always at the top of the list when it comes to choosing Indian attires for weddings. Plus-size women can go for a jacket-style blouse with their saree instead of a normal blouse. A jacket-style blouse will add an extra oomph to their wedding look. Plus-size women can head onto the AW Bridal website. And there they will find varieties of wedding dresses. Plus size women can avail them bank-balanced rates using AW Bridal coupon codes. 

  • A floor-length Anarkali:

As the name suggests, a floor-length Anarkali means it will touch the floor. Plus-size brides should wear a floor-length Anarkali at their weddings if they want to spice up their wedding look. And that too at minimum effort! Plus-size women who are looking for wedding dresses can check out the AW Bridal website. And then buy according to their choice using Ruby Love coupons.

Change is inevitable. That’s the reason why plus-size women are not settling for less. That’s the reason why plus-size women are embracing their body size. And that’s the reason why AW Bridal has made available varieties of Plus-size wedding dresses! Because why not? Women can check out the AW Bridal website. And then buy according to their choices at discounted rates using AW Bridal discount codes. Thus save some extra money!! Plus-size women can rely upon the AW Bridal online shopping platform without giving it any second thought. Because AW Bridal has made available quality plus-size wedding dresses at affordable rates. They have to just avail themselves of the AW Bridal offers. And they are good to go! Quality without being hard on their pockets!! What else can one ask for? Isn’t it?? Hurry up!!!