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How to Deal With Dead Car Battery and Solution?

One of the most frustrating problems of a car is a dead battery. You can be in your car, stuck in traffic and miss a crucial meeting. Or you are trying to make a trip to the mall, or a trip to the grocery store and the car won’t start. 

There are many reasons why the car battery goes dead and many methods that you can employ to get the battery started again. Drivers often have dead batteries in cooler weather.

If you have not much knowledge, you can contact car towing company, they will tow your car and reach at you with replaces your Battery. Some strategies may assist you in reaching a technician for a battery replacement.

Dead Batteries Can Be Your Headache

Car batteries, like everything else, have a lifespan. Batteries last four years, and they should perform well now. Battery life may be shortened or cut short by several factors, including but not limited to the following: very cold conditions; long-term use of the vehicle’s headlights or interior lights; a malfunctioning charging mechanism; corrosion; age; and electrical drain from the battery itself.

Dead Car Battery Signs

Sometimes the battery isn’t dead. Dead batteries show these signs.

Unstartable car. The engine cranking sound doesn’t start after turning the ignition, indicating a dead battery.

Battery Light

The battery light indicates alternator or wiring problems. The vehicle loses power because the battery isn’t charging.

Flashing Check Engine

  1. This red indicator displays on your speedometer dashboard. Engine-Shaped
  2. Dim or non-working lights indicate this
  3. Electrical issues may also cause radio malfunctions and delayed windscreen wipers.

Sulphur Odour

  1. This indicates battery trouble. Leaking battery. 
  2. This indicates a battery malfunction.
  3. On a busy day like yours, you can jumpstart the car or replace the battery online.

How to Fix a Dead Car Battery

Car Jumpstart

Keep good jumper cables in your car. You’ll need to phone for help from a roadside assistance service or a kind Batman who has cables. 

Check for Frayed, Rusted, or Damaged Cables

Connect the dead car’s battery to the charged one in the working car using a cable. 

The positive terminals of both batteries should be connected with red wire, while the negative terminal of the charged battery should be connected with black wire to a metal bolt in your vehicle’s engine. 

Get the other vehicle going and let it idle for a while before you start yours. You can drive again.

Check Engine Oil

  1. Changing your oil may help your automobile start. 
  2. Cold weather slows engine oil, requiring a battery boost. 
  3. Expired, polluted, and tainted engine oil may stress your battery. 
  4. Fresh motor oil may gain you time while you replace your battery.

Corrosion Check

Especially in cold weather, corrosion might prevent your battery from starting since it drains the battery and reduces the effectiveness of a restart. To avoid corrosion, have your battery terminal professionally cleaned or replaced.

Your battery may be overdue for replacement if it still struggles to start. Alternators, starting systems, and other components may fail. A mechanic may evaluate the battery/starting system or perform diagnostics.

Call a Friend Jumpstarting a Car

When your Car Battery leaves working, replacing a dead automobile battery in dubai is necessary. When your vehicle doesn’t start, it’s hard to go to the repair shop. Jumpstarting may help in certain circumstances. Jumpstarting your automobile with a buddy is simple, and jumper cables and another functioning car are all you need. 

Can I Jump a Car Battery?

Self-jump-starting a vehicle battery is safe with the correct equipment. Without a vehicle, getting the necessary tools might be difficult, and Jumpstarting a dead automobile battery requires a battery pack.

Online and certain hardware shops sell jump starting battery packs. These batteries can jumpstart most automotive batteries. 

Examine each option:

Portable Jump Starters

  1. Turn off the car first.
  2. Locate the battery terminals
  3. Locate the portable jump starter’s positive and negative clamps.
  4. Off the jump starter.

Connect Clamps to a Car Battery

power up the automobile and the portable jump starter simultaneously.

  1. An electrolyte solution including Epsom salt may revitalize a dead automobile battery.
  2. Epsom salt, a stronger acid with many hydrates, may help balance the chemical balance and start the engine.

Chainsaw Method

The “chainsaw technique” uses a chainsaw to run the engine alternator and charge the battery. 

  1. You can convert a chainsaw into a pulley by removing the chain, blade, and spoked drive sprocket. 
  2. Remove alternator drive belts. Belt the chainsaw driving spindle to the alternator drive pulley. 
  3. Start the chainsaw by gently pressing the drive belt. 
  4. Continue until the battery charges. Unguarded belts can spin fast, making this method dangerous. 
  5. If you need more clarification, don’t try this procedure.

Hard-Hand Cranking

The “hand cranking approach” includes jacking up the rear wheel drive and supporting it with axle supports.

  1. Place the vehicle in the fifth gear with the engine turned on, and use the wheel chocks to stop the front wheels in the center of the tire. 
  2. To spin the wheel normally, tie a rope to the driving tire. 
  3. Pull firmly to start the engine and motor.

Aspirin Solution

The electrolyte mixture may be chemically changed by aspirin and water that has been distilled. To prepare a solution consisting of aspirin and distilled water, first, crush 12 aspirin tablets containing either 350 mg or 500 mg, and then dissolve the resulting powder in 6 ounces of warm water that has been distilled. The next step is to fill each cell to the same level and then cover the plates with more water.

Using a Battery for an 18-Volt Drill Method

The approach uses the 18-volt drill battery jumpstarts. This needs a battery for an 18-volt drill that has been completely charged and jumper leads, both of which can be purchased at auto parts shops. You will need to use jump leads or another method to connect the battery from your dead car to the battery from your 18-volt drill. Once connected, the dead battery will be jump started by the battery from the drill.

Hot-Ash Method

Use heated ash as a “last option” when everything else fails. 

First, start a fire and let it burn to ashes. 

Remove the filler/vent covers from the top of the battery, remove them from the vehicle, and set it on the hot ash. 

Avoid Fires

Ashes should heat the battery. Reinstall the battery gently and restart your ignition.

Final Words:

It’s a pain when you’re in a hurry and your car has a dead battery. If this has happened to you, check out our blog for some tips on what to do next.