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Today, the web and search engines are embedded in the buying process. To find out about a product, obtain a phone number or a physical store address or to buy a product, the web is a vector for growth and development. It contributes to the notoriety and the brand image that you want to create for your company.

  • Almost half of the traffic comes from search engines (mainly Google and alternative search engines)
  • 3/4 of visitors to a site who come from a search engine have clicked on a natural result
  • 76% of visitors click on one of the first 3 positions. Growth in figure thanks in particular to Feature Snippets and mobile browsing.

Detail of the click-through rate distribution on the Google SERP:

  • 1st position: 40% click through rate
  • 2nd position: 22% click-through rate
  • 3rd position: 14% click through rate
  • 4th position: 11% click-through rate
  • 5th position: 9% click through rate
  • 6th position: 7% click-through rate
  • 7th position: 6% click-through rate
  • 8th position: 5% click-through rate
  • 9th position: 4% click through rate
  • 10th position: 6% click through rate


Are you convinced that hunting for the 1st page of Google will increase your sales and your visibility? Know first of all that search engines value websites that are primarily suitable for Internet users. You must therefore think of these to make optimizations and improvements to your website at first. So here are some tips to follow to reach the Holy Grail and increase the number of visits to your website.

There are hundreds of Google ranking criteria but most can be summarized in 3 parts:

  • aspect technique
  • content aspect
  • aspect popularity

All the positioning criteria of a site can be evaluated thanks to an SEO audit by the professional SEO agency. It makes it possible to define the objectives and areas of development.


It is useless to carry out reflection and efforts in SEO if your website is not indexed on Google, i.e., it cannot be found via a search engine. Indexing a site on Google requires the passage of robots (Googlebot) on your website. Your website must be adapted: there must be no access restrictions on the robots.txt file for example. How do you know if your website is indexed by Google? Do a search of the type: “site:” in the search bar. If pages appear then they are indexed.


The terminology “blocking factors” in SEO covers all the elements of your site that negatively impact its positioning on Google. If you want to be first on Google or even just on the 1st page, you will have to search, find and correct all the blocking factors to optimize your visibility. The removal of blocking factors is an essential preliminary step in each natural referencing project. The optimizations carried out make it possible to grab a few places and/or prepare the ground for other SEO actions to come. Among the most common SEO blocking factors are:

  • Absence or duplication of title tags and meta-descriptions
  • Very low loading speed making navigation difficult
  • Broken links (404 errors)
  • Missing Alt Tags
  • Site sans certificate SSL
  • Anarchic internal mesh

It is possible to take months and months to correct all the errors, depending on their number and importance.


SEO natural referencing is based on keyword strategy. The keyword strategy takes into account the relevance of the keyword, the search volume and the competition on the keyword. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine that a national company with a marketing budget of several tens of thousands of euros and a small local TPE are positioned on the same keywords. A good keyword strategy maximizes the success of an SEO strategy and the efforts made. Forget keywords that are too generic, keywords without search volume or keywords that are too competitive! Long tail SEO can help you rank for relevant keywords.

Google Search Console lets you know which keywords you are ranking for. Do not hesitate to use more advanced keyword research tools: SEMrush, Mos Explorer, Insight Yoda, Google AdWords…


A main principle of SEO is to remember: a page must be positioned on a specific keyword. Thus, each service or each category of an e-commerce site must have a single and unique keyword to target. Your keyword should appear multiple times and in prominent places to signal its importance to Google. It will therefore be placed in the title, in the h1 tag, possibly h2, the meta description, the alt image tags and in the body of the text in a natural way to optimize the chances of being on the first page of Google and other engines. of research.

Ideally, the keyword should fit into the body of the text that contains expressions from the lexical field. To position yourself on the keyword “detox tea”, you will need to integrate the following expressions: infuser, plants, herbal medicine, Para pharmacy, slimming tea… Tools like Optimize Content allow you to enrich your text with the right semantics.


Content allows website administrators to send a signal to the search engine. The production of web content is essential in a Google SEO strategy. If Bill Gates said that “Content is King”, it’s because since the advent of the internet and the proliferation of websites, published content makes the difference. Search engines focus on content to determine relevance and differentiate between multiple sites on the same query.

If content marketing sweeps a wide variety of formats (images, photos, videos, computer graphics, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, etc.), it is web writing that is the determining factor in an SEO content writing services. Writing on the web requires a certain number of criteria to be respected: think above all of Internet users before writing for the search engines to reach the 1st page of Google.

Studies show that it is the quality, frequency of publication and length of content that influence the traffic and performance of a page, article or blog. Indeed, to be first on Google, your site must contain a significant number of publications such as blog articles for example. Also, blog posts should be long and to the point. There are more chances to position yourself with a page content provided than a page low in quantity. This is easily explained, since a provided page is more likely to respond to a request from an Internet user.


Net linking refers to a strategy that aims to obtain incoming links or backlinks. These links from websites other than yours point to a web page on your site. For Google, it is an indication that your website is relevant and must therefore be valued by making it more visible, better positioned, on the first page of Google for example.

By creating relationships with website administrators in your industry, you can request links and/or exchange them to promote your website on Google’s SERP. Some also buy links even if the practice is penalized by Google. Discover some tips for getting good quality backlinks.


Search engines value criteria that facilitate navigation and ease of use for human Internet users. Engagement data and signals on the quality of the site can be the click rate on the SERP, the number of pages visited, the bounce rate or even the duration of a session. All these factors will allow Google to assume the quality of the navigation.

UX design therefore has a real interest in SEO natural referencing. A good design can land you on the first page of Google. To go further, it is also interesting to talk about the loading speed of a website in an SEO strategy.

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