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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Website?

In today’s digitalized world, an appealing and profitable website is necessary for every business and individual looking to sell their services. A website serves as a presentation layer to showcase its portfolio, their services/products, and retain customers. However, whenever you decide to build one, your first concern would be the development cost. The website development cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, including complexity, type of website, web design, and much more. 

Moreover, the cost will also depend on whether you’re hiring a company for eCommerce website development or any other type of website.

Here are the major factors that can impact the cost of website development:


  • Website Complexity: The more complex the website is, the more expensive it will be to develop. A simple website with just a few pages and basic functionality will be much cheaper than a complex website with hundreds of pages, e-commerce functionality, and custom features.


  • Web Design: The website’s design can also impact the cost of website development services. A basic template-based design will be cheaper than a custom-designed website. This is because custom designs require more time and expertise, which can drive up the cost.


  • Content Management System: It is a robust platform that allows you to manage and update your website content easily. CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are popular choices for website development. The website development cost will depend on your chosen CMS, as some platforms are more expensive than others.


  • Features and Functionality: Another factor that affects the cost of website development is the features and functionality you want to include in your website. Some features, such as social media integration, search engine optimization, and mobile responsiveness, are essential for any website. Moreover, other features such as chatbots, advanced analytics, and customized digital forms can add to the cost.


  • Maintenance and Updates: Every website requires ongoing maintenance and updates. The cost of website development will also include ongoing maintenance and updates. However, you can opt for a separate maintenance plan that will redefine the pricing structure.

Modes of Website Development 

Considering the above factors, the next thing determining the website development cost is the development mode. Remember that the method will solely depend upon the business size.  


  • DIY Website Builder: A DIY website builder is the cheapest option for entrepreneurs and individuals. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly offer affordable plans allowing you to create a basic website without coding or design experience. However, these websites often lack functionality, quality, and customization options.


  • Freelance Web Developer: Seeking support from a freelance web developer can be cost-effective for small businesses. Freelancers charge by the hour or project and can create a custom-designed website tailored to your business needs. However, the freelancer may lack the required skills and relevant experience to deliver your ideal website project.


  • Web Development Agency: Hiring a professional website development company is a costlier option but is the most beneficial option. A reliable web development agency has an experienced team of developers, designers, and strategists who can handle every aspect of website development, from design and content management to consistent maintenance and upgrades. This option is best suited for large businesses with a significant online presence.

How Much Does Website Development Cost?

So how much do website development services cost? The average cost can range from $2000 to $10,000 for a simple website to above $20,000 for a complex website and other factors discussed above. However, it’s important to note that these are only rough figures, and the actual cost will depend on several things and your specific requirements. 


A professional, appealing website is the most powerful tool for businesses and individuals to showcase their services and attract customers. However, before planning to build one, it’s essential to learn about the development cost. The cost of website development depends on various factors such as the type of website, web design, content management system, development team, and features and functionality. The cost will also depend on whether you’re creating a simple or complex e-commerce website. By choosing the right strategy and website development company, you can create a website that fits your budget and meets your business goals.