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Ganesha Wall Stickers – Get Incredible Touch of Gorgeous Decals in Your House with Blessings

Today, getting blessings from our deities becomes very important for all individuals. It not only helps to make our mind fresh and happy but also delivers exogenous effects in our house. In India, there are numerous deities from different cultures and religions. From paintings, murals, and sculptures, to wall stickers are available in religious form. For decorating the space, you can buy designer decals, paintings, mirrors, lamps, decorative reflectors, smart furniture, photo frames, and so on.


But, in terms of stickers, you can get a wide range and you can get a sticker of Ganesha’s full body or face. In this way, you can get the most spiritual and incredible decal to décor your walls. Besides, many people like to consider Ganesha decals for cars, laptops, fridges, and other accessories.


Usually, artistic idols and creations of Lord Ganesha bring divinity and harmony to the population. As per Hindu mythology, this type of spiritual decal has the power to bring positivity and create an incredible environment. But, why should you place these religious artworks? Let’s find out in this article!


Which Color of Ganesha Decal is Best For Your Home/Office?

As per Vastu Shastra, it is very important to decide the right color for these decals for making an adorable environment. Here are some things to know in this regard:

  • A white color idol is best for those who are searching for prosperity and peace in their lives.
  • You can also pick up white images if you have the desire of boosting self-confidence and self-growth in life. At home/office, you can place the white color of the decal to attract prosperity, happiness, and wealth.
  • Ensure that the back of your deity should always face the outside or entrance of the house.
  • Generally, Lord Ganesha is well known for wearing yellow and red clothes. The golden shade of such religious decals is regarded as auspicious and spiritual for home décor.
  • These days, most human beings prefer to install Ganesha murals or decals in their homes for decoration. Honestly, it can be an ideal way to beautify a puja room but people should keep the guidelines of Vastu in mind. It will help you to bring décor ideas with a creative and innovative mind.


What is the Significance of Ganesha Wall Stickers?

Keeping the status or picture of a deity is believed to attract prosperity and good luck in the house. In the same manner, these decals are perfect that comes with lots of advantages:

  • Listen carefully with large ears.
  • Comes with a big head to think creatively and big.
  • Small eyes to focus or concentrate on any walls.
  • Tiny mouth to speak less but hear everything.
  • The long trunk of the decals always helps individuals to stay adaptable.
  • Comes with a big belly that can digest both good and bad things.
  • The four hands or arms of Lord Ganesha symbolize four attributes: ego, intellect, mind, and conscience.
  • These decals show that there is only one tusk of the deity and the other has been broken. Hence, this broken tusk symbolizes that a wise person is more than duality and it also describes single-pointedness.


Note – Most human beings love to collect these items to give to other individuals. In this way, they bring spirituality and attractiveness to the house. As per Vastu Shastra, it is best to place these spiritual pieces at home to bring auspiciousness to the premises. If you are going to place more than one Ganesha idol, it means you are bringing lots of positivity to your home.


Where Should You Not Place Ganesha Decals as Per Vastu Shastra?

According to Vastu Shashtra, these decals are best known to bring auspiciousness to the house. But, you should be aware of the right place to keep these idols. Here are some locations that you should avoid while placing these stickers:

  • Human beings should not keep these items in the bedroom, laundry area, or garage. At these places, you can’t get blessings and boons as they bring negativity into the house.
  • They should not be placed near bathrooms or under staircases at home. Such places are not ideal to keep these religious artworks.
  • However, car parking or garage area is also known as vacant area but proven unlucky to keep any god in this area of the house. It is a major reason behind choosing vastu guidelines because it provides the right thing to bring positive vibes to every corner of the house.
  • Lastly, there are several negative energies under the staircase area which are also not suitable for any religious item. Just keep these idols in positive places to bring attractiveness to the premises.


Where to Purchase Decorative Ganesha Wall Stickers Online?

It is a very simple and easy task because these auspicious artworks are available at a very reasonable price on WallMantra. All you need to do is explore the official website and choose your desired product for home décor. It can be in distinctive designs, patterns, sizes, shapes, and styles. So, you have to determine the right style and then choose a mode of payment. Within a few working days, you can get the right product within your budget. Also, you can find other decorative appliances like cushions, bed sheets, coverlets, TV units, rugs, carpets, dinnerware, stoneware, frame sets, photo frames, and so on.