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Driving School for teens and adults in Birmingham | Just Pass

Driving classes for teens and adults in Birmingham

Driving school Learn to drive easily as a group of instructors who offer professional training services for driving cars and trucks on the streets of Birmingham and highways in the state of United Kingdom.

You can register right now to take a free demo class at our driving school in Birmingham, we are one of the best options to learn everything related to the use of the steering wheel.

Theoretical driving School Just Pass

We provide theoretical training, which includes driver education concepts, traffic signs, and security points before starting a car

practical driving classes
Through little-traveled streets so that you gain confidence behind the wheel, automatic driving lessons Birmingham we gradually approach avenues with a greater number of vehicles.

The car of your choice
You can learn in an automatic or speed vehicle, you can also choose between a car and/or a van.

Do you want to learn to drive your car?

Without problems we can train you in your car, it should only be checked by one of our mechanics to rule out faults that could cause an accident.

We are experts in driver education, in Just Pass school of motoring there are all kinds of drivers and automatic driving instructor in Birmingham which is why we highly focus on cordial driving to avoid traffic fights.

Learning to drive in Birmingham is easy

Learning to drive in Birmingham can become a torment
There are always reckless people who drive at excessive speed, without paying attention to road junctions, passing on the right, and bad practices, Birmingham is not spared from this, that is why we highly recommend you take classes to learn to drive.

Driving Classes for Women in Just Pass

Do you want a school to learn to specialize in Women in Birmingham?
We have trained instructors and automatic driving lessons Coventry in our driving school, in case you feel more comfortable having a woman teach you how to drive, or if you prefer, you can be a male instructor. We have attention 365 days a year. Learn to drive an automatic car with we also have family training instructors to teach you about companies.

Why choose a female driving school in Birmingham?

Female school to learn to drive in Birmingham
We adapt to your schedule, our instructors are also women and many of them are mothers, so we know how important it is to adapt the schedule for your driving classes, other duties must be fulfilled, and we try to interfere as little as possible in your work activities.

What do we offer besides driving courses?

Learn to drive safely, calmly, and above all with specialist drivers for nervous people. We serve people from 18 years old.

Support and attention for companies or fleets in Just Pass
Driver training courses
Basic mechanics classes
Road classes in Just Pass
Driving classes in rural areas
Learn to drive in feeder races
Learn to drive on federal highways
Evaluation and diagnosis for drivers
Evaluation and diagnosis of new drivers

Open hours
From Monday to Friday, we recommend these days because on weekends Just PASS has traffic fluctuations.

About us

If you have any questions or queries a member of staff will always be happy to help. Feel free to Just Pass the School of Motoring

Contact us at +44 800 073 0789

Or Email:

Address: 109 Percy Rd, Birmingham B11 3NQ, United Kingdom

And we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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