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Dotted Line Reporting: What It Is And How It Works

In the organization, two types of management processes are followed. One is linear management, and the other is dotted management. In the structure of linear management, employees directly report to the manager. 

On the other hand, in the process of the dotted line, the employee directly reports to the team manager/ secondary manager or assistant manager. 

For example, a business just started its business process. Suppose they want to take care of their employees closely and ask them to report directly to the managers. It is called linear management. 

On this note, when a business grows up and books, many teams, and firms with different processes. Now the business wants to handle the team through the team manager or secondary manager instead of the manager of the company, right? 

This article is going to explain the dotted line reporting system in the business. If you want to know the dotted management process, then go through this article to the end. 

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What Is Dotted Line Reporting? 

 So,  it can be said that in the process of dotted line reporting, employees should report to the team manager or secondary manager, except for their direct manager. However, it does not create any extra burden on the employee. 

The team manager is one of the team members. In that case, employees feel comfortable with making a discussion or fixing meetings on certain matters. On the other hand, direct managers control the entire business process, promotion and other things. 

With similar dotted line management, “dotted line reporting is receiving work assignments from and submitting completed work to a project manager instead of a solid line or direct manager.”

The employee reports to the dotted line manager regarding ongoing tasks or projects. In the process, the focus lies on the project updates and progress of deliverables and tasks rather than job performance. 

Dotted line reporting is part of matrix management. And in matrix management, employees have two managers who operate different duties of management. 

How Does It Work? 

See, in the business process, the dotted line reporting system may be a quick process. Your project manager oversees your project for a short time. However, some dotted line reporting is one going process. Primarily when direct managers work remotely, the dotted line reporting manager takes the vital role. 

Large companies have direct managers who work in remote areas. In that case, the dotted line reporting manager takes all the responsibility to analyze the work and guide them. See, the concept is straightforward. When the direct manager works virtually, the dotted line manager should take the step for the business process. 

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The Advantage Of Dotted Line Reporting

Now, we should take a look at the advantage of dotted line reporting. In this way, you can understand the core function of this reporting process. 

 Better Business Alignment

Dotted line managers report to different stakeholders. So stakeholders knew the company’s progress. It helps to enhance better business alignment and better business efficiency. 

 Develop Utilization Of Resources

Through dotted line reporting managers, the team work will enhance. This process ensures better utilization and provides more insights. 

 Better Delegation

For a large business process, a dotted line manager is necessary for the business process. Iti because coordinating with the direct managers helps to conduct multiple projects. 

 Ideal For Remote Works

Of course, dotted line managers are ideal for remote workers. In this process, direct managers focus on their process. As a result, the business can reach its target without facing any major difficulties. 

 Better Collaboration

Collaboration is required to run a business. In that matter, a dotted line manager plays the role of the medium for an employee and direct manager. 

In the business world, there are many MNCs available where direct managers work in remote areas. In that case, the dotted line reporting manager takes the crucial role. 

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Final Words

At the end of this article, we would say that the dotted line reporting manager is the process that has been seen in the larger business generally. In that case, this management system has the responsibility of tracking day-to-day teamwork. 

Somehow, the dotted line manager may present the report of the month to the direct manager.  Since it is a business. All the departments and processes are interconnected.

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