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Lease a Car in Dubai
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Discovering the Best Way to Lease a Car in Dubai

For those moving to the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, leasing a car has become an ever popular option due to its many benefits. It is especially attractive for individuals new to this picturesque region who want instant access and ownership of their own wheels without long term commitments or headaches associated with purchasing from scratch.

North Americans residing in the UAE often take advantage of renting, while many non-American expats prefer to purchase their own property. Owning is a popular choice among UK citizens and other Europeans living abroad. Visit to learn more about renting a car in Dubai.

Weighing the Tradeoff between Expense and Comfort

After two years without wheels, a former colleague jumped at the chance to cruise around in style when they moved from their home country to the United Arab Emirates. Over six luxurious years of living there, they leased an array of four-door vehicles that undoubtedly enhanced life’s journey.

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of having a brand new car without any expense except for gas! With one monthly fee, you will have access to your desired vehicle as well as all servicing costs, insurance payments and registration taken care of. Drive stress free knowing that even speeding or other traffic fines are covered in this plan so don’t forget those speed limits.

Hop into the driver’s seat of your wildest dreams! With our all-inclusive package, you can lease an exotic car to experience a ride like no other. From Lamborghini Aventador to Ferrari F60 whatever thrill you crave, we have it for only $1360 per day with a security deposit included. So get ready and let the adventure begin.

Take an extended ride with auto fantasia! Enjoy a road trip of your dreams and explore the open roads for days, weeks or even months. With longer term rentals come more affordable daily rates so seize this opportunity to discover all that is available in the world of auto fantasia. Find out what model suits you best and start planning your journey today.

If you’re looking for something a little more practical than sports cars and luxury vehicles, check out the economical options at the bottom of our page. Here you’ll find classic models like Mitsubishi’s Lancer, Nissan’s Sunny, or Toyota’s Camry perfect choices that won’t break your budget.

Where Should You Journey and What Supplies Will You Require?

While most of us turn to the “big names” when it comes to long-term car leasing, there are plenty of options out there! With just a few clicks on your computer you can easily secure yourself an extended lease ranging from 12 months all the way up to 36. It’s never been easier or more convenient for those in need of reliable transportation over multiple seasons and years.

With Sixt, the rental car journey has never been easier. With a few clicks of the mouse you can choose your ideal vehicle to suit all needs and have peace of mind knowing that insurance, maintenance and registration are taken care of as part of their comprehensive long term lease packages.

Choosing the perfect car is a big decision, but following it up with one visit to the leasing company’s Dubai office makes solidifying your choice easy. All that remains is signing on dotted lines and showing off just a small handful of documents you’ll be all set in no time.

A passport, complete with an exciting Dubai Residence Visa tucked safely within its pages. A UAE driving license or a valid international driver’s permit for added convenience and a trusty credit card will be all that you need to enjoy the city’s world class hospitality in style.

Even if you don’t have a Dubai Residence Visa, it doesn’t mean that your dreams of finding the perfect place to call home are dashed. With just an arrival stamp in your passport as proof of being legally present in the UAE on a visitor visa, you can enjoy all the advantages offered by leasing arrangements.

Make sure you are prepared for the big move with all your official documents in order. After acquiring a Residence Visa, important cards such as credit and driving licenses can be updated to match. If visiting instead of staying, don’t forget an international driver’s license. It’s essential to get around town smoothly.

Is That All There Is To It?

Earning a UAE Residence Visa is an important first step in becoming eligible to obtain a Driver’s License for the United Arab Emirates. Both Hertz and Diamond Lease Car Rental agree that having your visa documented means you’ll be able drive through this vibrant region shortly thereafter.

With your foreign license in-hand, obtaining a local driver’s license is simple. All you need to do is take an eye test, no driving exam required. To learn more about the qualifications needed, check out the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) Website for helpful details and clear instructions on how to get started.

If you’re looking to get your driver’s license in Dubai, transferring a Driver’s License is easy. Just remember that the fee for issuance of a UAE license and required documents are listed on the site. 

Navigating a major government organization like the Dubai RTA can be daunting, but they are renowned for their delivery of efficient and courteous customer service! When applying to rent or lease a car Loan term with them, you’ll need documentation plus photographs to attach onto your license. 

The wonderful thing is that all service booths have digital cameras on hand, just give them a call ahead so you don’t have to worry about getting photos taken separately.