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A Case of a Dead Phone Highlighted By Mobile Repair Shop

Smartphone is a need in this technically progressive era. It helps us to communicate with the entire world effortlessly, and complete our tasks related to online shopping, online banking, and more. The mental satisfaction an individual gets from a fully charged phone is priceless. As the user can do their work seamlessly. They can enjoy simple things like listening to music, checking directions from Google Maps or even messaging a friend without worrying because their phone is fully charged. Nowadays the point of sale of a new cell phone being launched is the battery life. A huge battery life always attracts the user because smartphones mostly drain out very quickly. Screen refresh rate, number of software running at the back end, and screen brightness all contribute to the early depletion of the battery. 

Reasons by Mobile Repair Shop for Phone Not Charging

One never thinks of the charging process much. It’s always plugging in the switch and walking away. But there are times when you plug in a charger and it won’t charge. One gets into a shock but There is no need to worry. You can follow the following few steps to recheck and if it is still not working than the user can take professional guidance from a mobile repair shop.

The charger is not plugged in

The first issue that is more common than it looks like is that your charger is simply not plugged in all the way. If you have a case on your phone it might be preventing your charger to reach the charging port . It might also be causing the charger to not sit straight in or flat.Make sure to plug the charger in. Also, try removing the case, maybe it helps

Dirty charging port

Another issue that might people can face is dirty charging ports. Whenever you put your phone in the pocket it is exposed to the pocket fluff, biscuit crumbs, tissue pieces and dirt. Over time dust and dirt can build up inside the port. They can coat the charger receptors inside the port and stop them from workingYou can clean the inside of the port with a cotton swab or a toothpick. Do not insert any pointy metals like a paper clip that can end up scratching or damage the receptors. Also make sure to clean the charger as well. Once the charger is clean try plugging it in again.

Change the charger

Try using a different charging cord, USB adaptor or a different switch outlet. If you have your charger plugged into a computer try using a different USB port or plug it into a wall outlet switch. The phone will charge quickly in a wall outlet.

Reboot your Android phone

Reboot your Android phone to see if it helps. Turn your device off wait for a few seconds then turn your device on. Restarting your phone will eliminate all the background apps that may be the cause of the glitch. Plug it into the charger and see if it helps in charging.

Troubleshoot the Screen

Press the power button to switch on your cell phone. After a minute, try ringing the phone from another cell phone. If it rings and the screen is not visible then this means there is a fault in your screen. Take it to a technician at a cell phone repair center for a complete check-up.

Look out for Software Bugs

If your phone is not charging despite the charging symbol being visible on the screen or  Viceversa then there could be a software issue. Try updating your operating system or go for a factory reset. Last but not the leasst you can look for a  phone repair store  to help you repair your phone.

Visit a Phone Repair Store

After going through the checklist, if the phone is still not working then visit a store for phone repair in Pittsburgh and get a detailed evaluation from the technicians. They may be able to diagnose the issue that you seem to have skipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is the phone charging slow?

ANS:A defective cable, adapter, poor power supply or a delay in software update can be a cause of slow phone charging. It has nothing to do with the phone itself. USB cables are mostly damaged, particularly in the house because of excessive usage.

Q2: Is it okay to leave the phone charging Overnight?

Ans: It is always advised to charge the phone overnight. At night the phone uses normal charging speed to reach 80% and then switches to trickle charge to get up to 100%.

Q3:Is it bad to keep the phone plugged in when it is fully charged?

Ans: In the long run, leaving the phone when it is completely charged is harmful to the battery.

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