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6 Precious Rules To Make Cardboard Boxes Cool, Effective, And Viral

Custom Cardboard Boxes are considered a blessing for the packaging industry. With the most durable and recyclable material and ability that lasts long, cardboard is always the preeminent choice when there is a need to transport individual or bulk products or need to store something.

As the world is moving to sustainable packaging, Custom Cardboard Boxes are widely acceptable, come with versatile options, and fit in the budget well. Indeed, Custom Cardboard Packaging protects well but adding some aesthetic features to custom printed cardboard boxes can make them cool and your product packaging can be a new trendsetter.

In this blog, we will discuss how can we make custom cardboard boxes cool, effective, and make them viral in no time.

Rule # 1: Always strengthen your Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes keep products intact, prevent damage, provide a clean yet sleek look, and are very environmentally friendly. An aspect that is usually overlooked but most professionals is its thickness and sturdiness. As they are used for transportation and storage, they must be sturdy,

We should keep in mind that these boxes are mostly reused for other purposes at the home, office, and other places. There are no long guidelines to make exceptional Bespoke Cardboard Boxes. However, you can look for gaps and fill them by glueing the bottom flaps and inserting another cardboard layer on the base to make it super strong.

Rule # 2: Keep Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes lightweight

Savvy businessmen and entrepreneurs are surely impressed by the popularity of cardboard packaging. However, they cannot deny their usability. While keeping an eye on the strength of the Custom Cardboard Packaging, please ensure that it is not too heavy due to excessive layering and heavy product holders inside the boxes. 

Remember that lightweight products are always admired and get popular in no time. For this purpose, try to come up with lightweight custom cardboard box options. You can also try foam insets to keep it lightweight instead of using heavy things. It will be more cost-effective and help you to remain within your budget every time you chose less weighing packaging.

Rule # 3: Align your packaging to your brand identity and add colours

An aspect that is usually overlooked but most of the professionals who are new to the industry are unaware of the fact that adding some aesthetic features to custom-printed cardboard boxes can make them cool and your product packaging can be a new trendsetter in the market following the drastic reduction the marketing budget. Add vivid colours which catch the eyes of the customer. Some neon and dark colours won’t mind being added to your colour panel as if they are helping you get more sales. However, keep in mind that balance is very important while designing custom boxes wholesale packaging.

Rule # 4: Simple, sleek, and modern designs for your Custom Cardboard Boxes are best

Excessiveness of style and colours will give your Custom Cardboard Packaging a rainbow ice cream look. This is acceptable if you are going to pack toys, fine arts materials, or other painting supplies but acceptable for the medical equipment. Three coloured boxes are acceptable; if you want to showcase your own style, please take help from a professional Bespoke Cardboard Boxes manufacturer such as The Packaging Boxes who provide free designing services.

Rule # 5: Make your Custom Cardboard Boxes an effective marketing tool

Have you ever thought that how companies manage to market their products easily?  The simple answer is they use all channels of marketing to enhance brand awareness. They also use Cardboard Packaging as a marketing tool. These boxes allow users to print their design and text according to their needs and as per the strategic goal. 

This strategy doesn’t only increase the sales of the product but also helps lay a foundation for the brand identity. While throwing an idea of using Custom Cardboard Boxes as an effective marketing tool, keep an eye on the allocated budget for the packaging boxes. It shouldn’t be putting a burden on your budget. Find out a supplier who is offering printing and customization services free of cost.

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The following are the ways to add colour to your packaging in an effective way. 

  • Go for full-colour imprints
  • Try embossing or debossing
  • Apply UV coating for an enhanced look
  • Make innovative Custom Cardboard Boxes shapes

Rule # 6: Combine both design and function

While making Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes for your product, do not overlook the functionality of the packaging. If a packaging box is too complex in unlocking and locking them, customers will show resistance to buying it. More than 60% of customers prefer cardboard boxes when they look at them that can be reused multiple times. Most of the customers use large boxes to store things or give them to the kids so they may play and make new things with them.

Business owners love unique packaging that can attract more and more customers. However, there is a need to understand that nobody can beat the understanding of the market more than a professional. So, hiring a dedicated yet professional packaging manufacturer and the supplier is necessary.

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