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The Tech What


Choosing the best tablet on the market



Tablets need no introduction, they have been amazing people for almost two years and it is impossible to say I am tech savvy without them. Read me  2012 turned out to be a holiday for tablet lovers. It’s not just about Apple versus Microsoft anymore, other powerhouses have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and produced some of the best tablets on the market today. Some important features of tablets include;


– apple


– Easier

– Amazon

– Monday

– Google

– Microsoft

– Samsung


The stiff competition between these tech giants is a treat for tech geeks. In their quest to be the best dog, the pioneers of the tech world have introduced some of the most advanced tablets to the world. The downside of all this is the actual choice of the best tablets on the market. With so many options available to users, the best tablet on the market is a matter of personal opinion or preference. There are three main factors that shape this personal preference or opinion.


– worth it.

– OS

– get


The above factors are in no particular order. Everyone chooses them according to their needs. Therefore, the best tablet in the market gives you maximum satisfaction in the above three categories.


tablet price level;


There is a misconception among people that higher costs are better. Of course, high quality is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. This misconception has been used by many powerful businesses throughout history, but none more so in the computing world than Apple. Often, a competing brand offers equal, if not better, features at similar or lower price levels. But in general, people gravitate towards well-known brands. So, when choosing a tablet for yourself, keep in mind that the best tablet in the market does not come with the highest price tag.


Currently, tablets on the market fall into three main price categories; Tablets cost less than $200, tablets range from $200 to $600, and a tablet costs $600 or more. Screen size is the biggest contributor to tablet price. Low-cost tablets come with smaller screen sizes, but as the price goes up, so do the tablet screens. Tablets in the $600+ range may have the best tablet on the market but they don’t have to. But the best tablet on the market will most likely be priced in the $400-$600 range. These tablets have all the features that any $600+ tablet offers, with a few exceptions.


tablet specifications;


Ignoring the price of the tablet and the operating system, it is quite possible to identify the best tablet on the market by comparing specifications. tablet features;


– Display size

Quality of display

Seeing the colors

Weight of plates

– Hardware

– Storage capacity

– battery


– Responsive to touch screen

– Total size of the tablet

Another emerging but popular feature is 4G connectivity.


Most people make their decisions based on these specifications. They budgeted for the specs they wanted on the new tablet. Once they have a fair idea of the specifications they need, they start planning their budget for the purchase. In this scenario, the best tablet on the market for these people might be completely different. With so many companies actively competing in the market, it is hard to find all these features in one tablet. Until now, it’s been hard to get all of the above features on a single tablet. The above features are a collection of features from some of the most popular tablets available.


tablets and operating systems;


Another important aspect of a tablet is the operating system. The three main operating systems currently in use are;


Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 operating systems

– iOS from Apple

– Android


All of these operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The application markets of these operating systems are the most important part of their rating and popularity among consumers. App marketing should be rich in content and quality. People are more inclined to use operating systems that provide more content in this area. Currently, Android is not much left in shipping with iOS. But Microsoft Windows is struggling to keep up. But the release of the Microsoft Surface could be a real trend-changer. For most people, the best tablets on the market are characterized by the operating systems they use. The Microsoft Surface is a unique tablet with advanced specifications, yet concrete and firm conclusions cannot be drawn. However, the Microsoft Surface is one of the best Microsoft tablets on the market