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5 Creative Ideas for Every Type of Dad

There’s no denying that the dad who wants for nothing is a difficult person to gift shop for. If you’re looking for a special and unique present that perfectly conveys how much you love and appreciate dad, it’s worth considering luxury items like stylish Father’s Day photo albums, along with a variety of creative ideas that will undoubtedly surprise and delight him on his annual celebratory day.

Need some inspiration? Check out our 5 creative ideas…

1. Cool Personalised Gifts

Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. Adding unique personalisation instantly makes an item like gardening or household tools, car accessories or hobby related gifts much more attractive and appealing.

Impress the fashion-conscious dad, this Father’s Day, by gifting him classy cuflinks that are personalised with a striking motif and his name. They’ll jazz up his formal and business attire and make him refined and sophisticated.

Encourage dad to exercise his green fingers by presenting him with a stylish personalised ceramic plant pot. He’ll be able to grow his favourite flowering plants outdoors, and can use the versatile planter to create an indoor herb garden in the ktchen.

Celebrate Super Dad’s unique style, personality and sense of humour by highlighting the charming characteristics on a stylish metal wall sign for all to see. Made from durable aluminium, the one-of-a-kind décor signage can be customised to feature your preferred motif and name, and makes an eye-catching statement display for dad’s man cave or workshop.

Remember to take some snaps of dad opening his cool personalised gift, to feature in the pages of your Father’s Day photo albums.

2. Super Sporty Gifts

The sports fanatic dad typically has one thing on his mind. You therefore can’t go wrong with a Father Day’s gift that celebrate his favourite sporting team, hobby or pastime.

If the beautiful game is dad’s favourite sport, delight him with a unique leather bound newspaper book that revisits all of the most memorable moments in his team’s history.

Surprise the F1 fan in your life with stylish sunnies that match with his favourite team. The ultra-flexible and extra durable McLaren F1 Team sunglasses will make dad look and feel super cool.

A jar of premium quality muscle rub is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the active dad who loves to participate in sports. The massage balm contains a soothing and comforting formula that helps to prevent muscle aches and pains.

3. Great Homemade Gifts

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a gift that is handmade. With so many instructional guides and resources readily available, you have unlimited DIY Father’s Day gift options that you can make at home.

If you have sewing skills, you can make dad a beautiful cushion cover and stuff it with super soft duck feathers to make his comfort zone more relaxing.

If you love whipping things up in the kitchen, treat dad to a luxury 5-star breakfast in bed, or a gourmet lunch that features his favourite ingredients and flavours.

A booklet filled with numerous opportunities to do fun things together is a lovely and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for the man who wants for nothing. You can download a printable coupon template and create an array of unique offers that dad can claim whenever he likes. If you don’t mind doing chores, you can present him with coupons that he can exchange for your services.

4. Fabulous Foodie Gifts

The dad who loves to spend time barbecuing a delicious meal for his family and friends deserves to wear a stylish and practical Father’s Day apron that shows off a bold steakhouse cattle motif emblazoned across the chest. There’ll be no mistaking who’s in charge of the barbie, when dad slips on a classic 100% cotton apron that provides premium protection against hot and greasy cooking splatters.

A mega set of award-winning condiments and spice rubs is the ideal foodie gift for any BBQ loving dad. He can use the flavoursome products to enhance the delicious taste of the meat, fish and veggies that he char-grills over hot coals.

Organic certified luxury foodie treats like smoked salmon and buttery soft textured cheeses may well make dad feel like he’s dining like royalty on Father’s Day.

Satisfy dad’s sweet tooth with an indulgent luxury gift of chocolate that is premium quality. A large glass jar of cocoa dusted nuts is a decant gift that is certain to bag you brownie points.

5. The Ultimate Keepsake Gift

While it’s lovely to receive practical and personalised, stylishly sporty, delicious treats or gorgeous gifts that are homemade, nothing quite beats the ultimate keepsake Father’s Day present.

Luxury Father’s Day photo albums preserve the happiest of memories so that they can be enjoyed time and time again. Featuring premium quality paper pages, the stylish and modern photo albums can be customised with a template of your choice, and boast a hard, soft or luxurious fabric cover.

To get dad’s collection of stunning Father’s Day photos started, snap away with your camera or mobile device and capture the magical special moments of his celebratory day. Pick your favourite images from the selection, and arrange them in a chronological order that tells the story of dad’s Father Day experiences from morning to night.

Your Father’s Day photo albums can be added to every year, to create priceless keepsake photography collections to pass down through future generations of your family.

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