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Body Armor Guide For Beginners

The top bulletproof vest in the UK is made to protect individuals from shots of handguns, shotguns, and knife-related attacks. These types of vests are beneficial for protecting people such as law enforcement and the local public globally. With the advent of technology, you must understand the different types of bulletproof vests you can purchase for your safety. Some vests can protect your body from shrapnel, explosives, or high-powered rifles. This post will provide a comprehensive guide on body armour that can protect you in threatening situations.

What Are Body Armour Plates?

The top bulletproof vest in the UK is flat pieces of bulletproof material joined together to your vest. It is called a plate carrier. These types of plates ensure that the bullets do not penetrate through them and protect you from gunshots. There are varying types of body armour that you can purchase, with each of them having different protection based on different situations.

The materials used for designing and creating these armors disperse the energy of the bullets across the vest’s fibre, which will slow the bullet down and completely stop it. The two most common body armour types you can get are hard and soft armour.

Different Types Of Ballistic Armours

There are varying types of the top bulletproof vest in the UK you can get, such as:

  • Soft Armour

The soft armour is made to protect you from smaller-calibre shotguns and handguns. They are lightweight and allow you to be flexible and mobile while wearing them. You can wear it and move around without any hassles. It is the best choice for locals and civilians in war zones.

  • Concealed Vests

The vests cover the crucial areas of the torso, such as the back, front, and sides. These vests are among the most popular among police officers, prison guards, and security guards.

  • Tactical Vests

These are made and intended for police and military use since they are usually used as stand-alone armour. These protect the shoulder, neck, groyne, and even sides of the torso. Some vests also come with magazine pouches or other accessories to allow you to keep the essentials close to your chest.

  • Hard Armour

They are armour plates made up of ceramic and steel that protect rifles and higher calibre guns. They are best for high-level threat situations like combat scenarios and war zones.

Is It Legal To Purchase and Wear Body Armour in Public?

In the UK, it is allowed for the general public to purchase body armour, and there is no need to do background checks or require an ID. However, it is necessary to note that every individual state has laws on why and when someone can wear the top bulletproof vest in the UK. Some states have more strict laws where residents cannot purchase body armour online and have it shipped outside that state.

Is There Body Armour For Women?

Although there are different types of body armour, they are made particularly for men. However, women’s armour have gone through several transformations, and many new unique designs are considered for women who want to wear body armour. 

The top bulletproof vest in the UK provides better wearability and protection for the female staff. It is inserted into the wearer’s body armour to adapt to the women’s wearability. Many companies also make body armour according to different breast sizes.

How To Clean Body Armours?

You must be very careful in cleaning the body armour since inappropriate washing methods can completely ruin the material. The recommended practice is to check the manual which comes with the armour. You can also contact the manufacturer for the most appropriate washing method. 

There are some washing practices that you should avoid when washing your ballistic vest, such as:

  • Using bleach or other harmful washing items.
  • You should not dry-clean your body armour.
  • Machine washe your armour.
  • You should not dry your wet body armour outside since the UV rays from the sun can negatively affect some fragments of the body armour.

To clean the plates, it is best to contact the manufacturer or the distributor and wash them according to their instructions. You can clean these plates by simply wiping them with a damp cloth or sponge and leaving it for drying. Ensure you don’t leave the plates in water since it can degrade the properties of the top bulletproof vest in the UK.


Once you have decided to purchase the body armour of your choice, it is highly recommended to maintain it so that the material is not damaged. If your body armour has been damaged, such as tears, cuts, or cracked plates, you should get it fixed immediately. If you want to wear the vest for day-to-day tasks, you should ensure that it is in good condition to protect you in life-threatening scenarios.